December 2013

MANDELA-genuine respect

There went a great man, who millions mourn. That makes me think about the "so-called" great people's funerals here and around the world. They who will have a small family gathering, and hide the location of the graves, from the people lining up to go piss on them. Most too grandious to realize that fact.

"Religion brooks no uncertainty"?

Thom, you made a surprising comment during yesterday's show, of which I was only able to catch a portion between errands. You said something to the effect that "religion brooks no uncertainty," while science is always dealing with the uncertain edges of things.

Video on the culture of SURVEILLANCE-- "PANOPTICON"

Very interesting video shows how the surveillance state is growing across Europe, with the exception of Germany which realizes that similar data collected on the Jews is what made it so easy to round them up when the Nazis were ready....

Anti-GMO strategy -- Is it flawed?

How long will it take -- if it happens at all -- to allow consumers to see GMO contents on their food labels?

Perhaps it is time to challenge this strategy of approaching the GMO scourge primarily via food labelling strategy.

For me having a choice is valuable because I don't want to eat these Frankenfoods, and that choice is what the labelling promises to provide to consumers.

Religion's war on Science

Thom: On my Dish Network Satellite, there used to be good mind tittilating science programs. That was until about a year or so ago. Channels such as Discovery (used to be a science magazine), History Channel, A&E, TLC (impressive name) and even a lot of PBS have been reduced to pabulum for the mentally weak. It has occurred to me that perhaps it isn;t just happenstance that all of these channels have been reduced to TRASH; perhaps the Creationists/Conservative Right have taken over all things which might run counter to the MYTH of the Bible, just as the state of

Medical Charges

Thom: In October 2013 I took my wife to Cleveland Clinic for a check-up for her aneurysm repair of November 2007. During a three hour period, she received a cat scan with radioactive dye, a sonogram and a few other procedures as well as a consult with the Cardiologist. She was in actual contact with medical personnel for about 1 and a half hours. They billed Medicare $6573.00; Medicare paid $1208.00 and the clinic mastakenly billed us for $252.00 for a copay which should have been picked up by Tri-Care for life. Their records did not list us as being military retired

Blog This: The Bible Preaches Communism


Were Abraham, Moses, and Jesus 'Communist'? Were Marx and Engles 'Judeo-Christian'?

Blog This: Pope Francis


Allow me to tell you some personal points about myself and the Catholic Church. I was born and raised Roman Catholic. My dad was the lay CCD Director of our parish. I attended Catholic school (2nd through 9th Grades). I performed all the duties of a loyal and devout Catholic and received all the sacraments due.

The Occupy Movement needs a Nelson Mandela.

...and not the Democratic or Republican parties which are a cancer on the People.

biblical law

4,000 years ago, women couldn't own property, they WERE property! Adulterers were stoned to death{Newt}! They confuse Gods Law{The Ten Commandments} with the social-moral standards of that day{a lot less people alive then}. Do they really want to go back there?

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Trump and His Billionaire Buddies Plot to Destroy Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid

Thom plus logo Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are officially in the crosshairs of the Trump administration, and they intend to go after them this year.