March 2014

In principle, Russian corruption is the same our democracy without campaign finance laws.

Call what they do in either country what you want, but both in America and Russia public officials and those they attract profit at the expense of the People.

Buffet says Tapeworm a problem.

In no way shape or form would I ever impugned Mr. Buffett. But on the other hand I do not agree with every business decision he has made. Here in my home state Mr. Buffett sells power to the public. He gets tax deals and rate raises as required. I am all for that because it's cleaner energy it is renewable. So this is not a criticism of Warren Buffett. This is a comment on the philosophy of the marketplace that he has been forced to do business in.

Bob Filer, Independent for Illinois 6th Congressional District (DuPage County, Illinois)

Greetings friends and neighbors.

I take extreme exception to Congress abridging our First Amendment. My site - DuPage Politics . com lists those voting YEA to giving Obama control over our First Amendment freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and right to redress government for grievance. HR-347 was the first abridge of our democracy since Lincoln stopped a Copperhead news paper from printing damaging articles against the Union.

Ch.7: Truth: Howard Hughes Will #2

Authoress's Note: I did not see the movie The Aviator and I probably never will.

Here is Truth The Whole World Needs- something part of our intelligence agencies released in 1976, but another part of our intelligence agencies could not interpret. What is done in darkness comes to light. This is as natural as, "What goes up, must come down."

Key Putin statement: Photos are not his troops...

This quote jumped out at me:

Putin did not acknowledge having any troops in Ukraine, the Washington Post reported, and insisted that the troops in the Crimea who were wearing green uniforms without insignia and driving unmarked vehicles were not Russian.

[Quoted from ]

What do you mean "another" cold war?

So Russia has sent troops into a sovereign country with the goal of either recruiting that country for their own economic sphere or downright annexation of territory. With the downturn of relations between our two countries people have started talking about "another" cold war. For those of us brought up before, say, 1991, we lived with this concept of the cold war, and despite the so called end of it with the collapse of the Soviet Union during the Bush I presidency, it feels like it never really left. The cold war was played out on economic, military, and psychological fr

Buffett\Goldman Sachs?: “US Advisory team” commences work on railroad to haul $3 Trillion in mineral’s out of Afghanistan.

That must be some Constitution and set of Environmental laws Obama crammed down Afghan’y throats literally at gun point.

Ch.6: Blood Bankers

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute as founded in Miami, Florida, 12/17/1953 was not exactly ready to function as a working research unit at that time. But 12/17/1953 was the date of transfer of Hughes Aircraft Company stock into a non-profit status which sidestepped IRS. Plans were announced to take over facilities to be remodeled into laboratories at Richmond Naval base, in the Florida Keys, about twenty miles south of Miami. Richmond was once known for wooden blimps, and an important security installation for the Florida east coast.

Americans for Tax Reform a.k.a. Conservatives for Diffusing Resonsibility

Americans for Tax Reform through the Eyes of Stanley Milgram

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Has Capitalism and The GOP Destroyed Religion?

Thom plus logo The number of Americans who called them selves Christian or religious has declined precipitously over the last decade, and the number of Americans who are "unaffiliated Christians", atheists, or unconcerned about religion or spirituality has increased.