March 2014

Ukraine/ Unemployment

I cant wait to get my response back from my Senators from the State of Washington.


President Obama has changed his Healthcare Overhaul Law 36 times. What is he scared of. Scared that the America people will reject it. Scared what the Historians will say about his own piece of legislation he had in his 8 yrs. I think so. Also my thoughts are he will say he tried, but couldn’t do it so NOW is the time for the Marxist biggest achievement:. Single Pay health care for all.

If Hobby Lobby Wins

Should Hobby Lobby win then the first married couple working for Hobby Lobby to become pregnant should sue to have the corporation pay for all prenatal care,birth, and all costs of raising the corporatation's child. After all they denied the birth control. Force them to pay and watch how fast thier religion goes out the window. Any thoughts on expanding ways to go after the company?

water contamination at Camp Lejeune 1950-1987

This is per our conversation on your show today. I am sending you the information regarding the Camp Lejeune water contamination that occured 1950-1987. Im hoping that: These corporations can't continue to contaminate the enviroment and have no repercussions for the damage that they do to the people and the enviroment. The veterans deserve to be treated better, when the water they were drinking without their knowledge and the cover up that occurred until theJaneyEnsminger Act. If it wasn't for them, blazing the trail of bringing it out into the light.

Please help

On today's program Thom quoted federal tax quotas payment to benefit ratios. Could somebody supply me with a link to this information? Thanks. Have a great day.

Russsian land grab

Does anyone remember how America took over Hawaii?! Not to mention how much of 'current' America used to be Mexico.

Racism, the 1%, the protocals of Zion and the polarization of wealth in the US.

Not sure how to address this subject other than to say I am not against Jews in general (not racist), but I AM against the polarization of wealth.

geo politics

America can lead the international recovery from economic recession, despite the foot-dragging of politicians and retrogressive forces. The example that Europe has set for infrastructure investment and sustainable energy development, despite devastating deprivations and diminished domestic commerce, should be emulated. Because of popular demonstrations we know that the youthful possibilities of the Middle East and North Africa have not been extinguished over decades of war and strife, despite the desperation and hunger for revenge that is constantly preached.&n

Culture of the Job Creators

At a recent meeting of business professionals in Ohio various people were introduced to their fellow job creators at the luncheon. Most being introduced had given the host a few bio quips about themselves to key off of. The notable one was a Mary Kay cosmetic representative who was introduced with the surprising factoid about her that she was a “concealed carry woman”.

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America Needs To Move Seniors Out of Poverty and to Stop Choosing Between Food & Medicine

Thom plus logo For decades, progressives have been talking about eliminating the cap on the Social Security tax and raising Social Security benefits enough that retired and disabled people can actually survive.