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April 2014

Ch. 15: Prescott Bush and 200 Acres of Indian Fudge

It is only with the four-digit block of Prescott Bush's taxpayer identification number that we can make sense of the mysterious Miami Indian and Pottawatomie Land Allotment calculations and the original need for an extra 200 acres to be on the books for an infant who died, whose birth is not established to begin with, but in whose name have come forward "lineal descendants" as claimants.

policy debates

Has Sen. Ryan not realized that his tours of blighted communities nor “data-driven” misconceptions substitute for understanding of the culture, affects or remedies required in multi-cultural enclaves? It is amusing that he does not consider serious examination of the “affluenzic” (paternalistic/authoritarian) attitudes with which he might be more familiar, and the moral bankruptcy of the conservative zeal for entitlement/benefit austerity in the face of record financial profit/recovery that is his preferred policy.



Today is April 30th. 10, 2014. The 113 Republican Majority Congress started January 3, 2013. It has now been in session for 490 days without passing a GOOD WAGE, JOBS BILL to help our economy.


Remember this House Speaker John Boehner quote, “Since the moment Americans entrusted us with the majority, our focus has been on job creation."

Here is the video when and where he said it May 26, 2011:


InterNet censorship attacks the basic democratic principal of having an informed electorate.

It is as anti-American as chipping away at voting rights.

Reagan's Debt Legacy.

THOM, WHEN YOU SPEAK OF REAGAN'S ALMOST THREE TRILLION DEBT, DON'T FAIL TO MENTION THAT IN 2014 DOLLARS, THAT WOULD BE ABOUT 10 OR 12 TRILLION. In 1977, I bought a new Ford van for $4500. I retired from the Navy on less than $500 monthly. Today, that Van would cost $20,000 plus and my retirement is now $1700 a month. Also, the interest rate on that debt averaged about 7%. Keith

Without an Open and Free media Obama’s favorable approval ratings are bullshit.

You are simply polling uniformed People. People who haven’t heard of the bad because it isn’t getting the coverage it deserves. Essentially, polls are asking People if they like the President exclusive of the TPP, hosting a children of the 1% day at the White House, the true scam that is ObamaCare, etc. etc. ad nausea

Bad news for the NRA

The teenager who wounded six co-workers while dressed 'like Rambo' in early morning shooting rampage at FedEx facility before killing self

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2615827/At-six-shot-FedEx-facility-shooting-gunman-loose.html#ixzz30MyDiS3V

Here's a possible guest for Thom's show

I know Thom has been banging the drum on climate change for decades now and finally we have a GOP senator up in arms over the delay of carbon emission reduction in his state.

Granted it comes right after the state is torn apart with tornadoes.

interestingly enough, it comes from FOX News, who hasn't been a big advocate on climate change and greenhouse gasses etc.

GOP senator eyes politics in delay of EPA climate rule limiting coal pollution

"Gender Apartheid"--Saudi King Abdullah locks up his daughters

Video of Saudi princesses exposes bizarre and backward world created by the House of Saud--


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