June 2014

Office Depot and Attempted Murder of the Postal Service

I don’t know exactly how this came about, but this plan to further cripple and kill the post office is under way. I tried to use this service the other day to see how it works. It seems to mainly involve services which are probably profitable for Office Depot and their private partner in this.

More Scalia hypocrisy

In his concordance with the interim appointment decision, Justice Scalia cited change in historical context, since it no longer takes months to reconvene the Congress. Will his concern with how things have changed since 1781 make a difference on how he thinks about the Second Amendment? After all, we now have a standing army, you no longer have to bring your own gun if you join said army, your gun no longer takes 30 to 60 seconds to fire off another shot, and a gun is no longer considered an essential tool for finding food.

1% at Risk?: Nobel Laureate Economist declares Stock Market overvalued.

Trouble in the financial market casino used by the superrich?! Get ready for another BAIL OUT.

PETITION: More than half of plants tested from Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowe’s coated in bee-killing neonicotinoids.

This from the folks at Save our Environment (...well, at least maybe "salvage what's left and slow its inevitable disappearance)"

Are bee-killers lurking in your backyard? According to a new study by Friends of the Earth, there's a good chance they are.

Euros and Saudis foment religious war across West Asia

American and European and Saudi money goes to supply guns to Sunnis. Is it their goal to create a West Asian Islamic equivalent of the European Thirty Years War which raged between Catholics and Protestants centuries ago?

It wouldn't be the first time the Euros backed the Sunnis in a war (wasn't Saddam Hussein 'useful' in warring against Iran?). Even during the Crusades there was an attempt by Europeans to use the Sunni-Shia cleft in Islam to weaken Islam as a whole and thereby gain control over the region and its wealth.


Group Asks Americans To Send Dirty Underwear To Undocumented Immigrants

What a sick and demented mindset one must have to think like this.


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What Else Are We missing? Impeachment Should Include All of Trump's Crimes

Thom plus logo Donald Trump has threatened the fate and future of human civilization by joining with fossil fuel industry billionaires in denying climate change.
-- He has threatened world peace by upending our alliances with other democratic nations and aligning himself with dictators, murderers and autocrats.