June 2014

The Crash of 2016: Best place to be living when it all goes down?

Hi Thom,

I just finished your book, "The Crash of 2016." It was a great read.

The book suggests there will be a good deal of domestic turmoil after the crash here in the US, even in affluent areas. Not to mention the threat of World War III, which I'm assuming could invade US soil.

In your estimation, what is the best area of the US (or some foreign country) to reside in when the crash happens?

Is Hillary entitled to be President simply by who she is?

Is it simply Hillary's "due" to become President?

new theory 2

Today, I am just going to post something I jotted down to get something off my chest so to speak.

Leave Your Ego at the Door.

Love is Progressive Part 16: Leave Your Ego at the Door

One of the most difficult things for many people who have been raised in an individualistic society to do, is to turn off their egos, their competitive spirits. "I must be thoroughly competent at everything that I do" is one of the late great psychologist Albert Ellis' "musturbations" -- beliefs which lead to psychological problems that might be addressed by cognitive therapy.

CA Drinking Water: Milwaukee dumps 336 million gallons of sewage into Lake Michigan.

Don't ya just hate it when you jump into the lake for a swim and instead of getting all tangled up in sea weed you get all tangled up in used tiolet paper?!

America needs to get it’s shit together on fresh water (pardon the pun in Walker’s Wisconsin) and it doesn’t include Wall St.


The 2nd Amendment and National Martial Law.

I was watching Politicking with Larry King on RT the other night and he had some Duffus on who was advocating the repealing of the 2nd Amendment because it was outdated since the founding fathers did not have semi automatic weapons. That there was no fear that the Government of the United Police States of America could turn dictatorial.

I96 In Michigan

I HAVE TO SET THAT LAST CALLER STRAIGHT. We live right next to the REBUILDING of 7 Miles of the I96 Freeway that runs from Telegraph road to I275. They started this work in April and we as the neighborhood citizens had a chance to ask how we wanted it done. Should they leave the freeway open (3 years to complete) or close it down to all , to finish it in 9 months or less. Guess which one we took? the 9 months and that is what is going on and it is the most incredible job we have seen. These guys and gals are busting their butts to finish this job an

Utah Cop, with No Search Warrant, Enters Gated, Fenced Backyard and Shoots Dog


A police officer searching for a missing 3-year-old, went to look for the child in Sean Kendall's fenced backyard.

Instead he found Geist, a 110-lb Weimaraner, who he said he shot when the dog began to act aggressively,

A neighbor said she heard two gunshots and saw the officer leave the yard.

Kendall, who wasn't home at the time of the shooting, said the dog had a single gunshot wound to the head.

The missing child was found safe in his home about 30 minutes after the shooting.

Correction to your Fracking/Global Warming Video

Thom: While watching this Video of yours, the English Accent report stated that these wells are drilled to 300 to 600 meters. Even the older wells (1980's) were drilled to 3000 feet and the Marcellus/Utica wells go down to 6000 to 9000 feet and then curl out horizontally for about a 1/4 mile in all directions. It also implies that there is a lot of methane leaked away. Not so. Maybe less than .000001 % of total production is leaked. However, I am still concerned with Global Climate Change and believe that we need to act. kww

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Behold The Trump's Crime Family's Disrespect of Life & Humanity....

Thom plus logo In a time when wildlife populations around the world are crashing, endangered species tremble on the verge of extinction, and the entire web of life is at risk, the son of the President of the United States went to Mongolia and shot an endangered species, the largest sheep in the world with 6 foot horns.