June 2014

Progressive American who has lived in both excess and squalor who knows that we must fight for those who can't fight for themselves

Share your knowledge.. It's a great way to achieve immortality...

My religion is very simple... My religion is kindness...

Hand Dryer in public bathroom safe?

The moisture in the basin of a Dyson hand dryer just does not seem sanitary. Once the dryer turns on it blows all the bacteria around the bathroom and sprays the moisture drops around the bathroom too.

Trapped in Repugnant hatred for America.

I'm new to this so please be patient ,I'm very liberal , Love Thom Hartman ,Lawrence O'donnell , Randi Rhodes , Mike Papantonio , Sam Seder , Racheal Maddow etc etc.

Iraqi PM rejects calls to form unity government


I preferred Saddam's secular government, that allowed religious freedom, females to work or go to school, and selling us super-cheap oil. The good old days,....but I digress.

Petition to the Whitehouse to Convene a World Peace Convention

Below is the text of a petition about convening a World Peace Convention that I put on the whitehouse.gov petitions site in hope that some like-minded people would agree with me and sign the petition. If it gets 100,000 signature, President Obama will respond to the petition.

Obama Admin finally hitting back against right wing conspiracy theories

The Administration is finally hitting back against those right wing conspiracy theories!!


ranting away

How can our government be authorized to use military force because of “immanent-ongoing” threats? How can a contradiction define the legitimate necessity of military adventures? The threat of munitions and assets obtained by murderous brigands and fanatics from straw purchasers (Saudi Arabia, for instance) or stolen from lawful owners/agents seems familiar and ongoing. But, the meaning of “immanence” has been so distorted by fear-mongers that it has become dangerously misleading. And, interdictions of international crime has become an excuse for ong

As wars wind down, small-town police inherit armored vehicles

The continued militarization of the domestic police forces across America. The founders are rolling in their graves.


Diane Hendricks: I’m not saying she’s a gold digger, but…

…she had to know she wasn’t messing with no broke roofer.

Or maybe she just needed a grandfather figure in her… bed?!

CA: A desalination or osmosis stations can be built for less than the cost of one fighter jet.

$16 trillion to banks; up to $62 billion/year to health insurers, subsidies galore to big oil, but the comparatively paltry price tag of building a desalination or osmosis station to secure drinking water for the 99% is a prohibitive?

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What Else Are We missing? Impeachment Should Include All of Trump's Crimes

Thom plus logo Donald Trump has threatened the fate and future of human civilization by joining with fossil fuel industry billionaires in denying climate change.
-- He has threatened world peace by upending our alliances with other democratic nations and aligning himself with dictators, murderers and autocrats.