June 2014

Iraq and Oil Markets: a question of warring with countries or private industries.

Could the US reduce the risk to its economy from instability in the oil markets if it nationalized the oil industry and banned Wall St from trading or participating in any part of it?

Oily Warren Buffet: “ExxonMobil Is Lining Itself up for a Half-Trillion Dollar Payout” with world's largest Oil Project -Kashagan

Time we all got know more about the Kashagan Oil Project. Obama and Goldmans Sachs’ Warrant Buffet currently holds s $3.4 billion stake in ExxonMobil’s leadership of Kasha

Dave Brat's own "freakonomics' ... blame Hitler.

That's right, when all other explanations for what we perceive to be somebody else's misbehavior, pin the blame on good ol' reliable Hitler.

Possible Fund Raiser Idea


I was thinking of a way to raise funds for your fundraiser campaign going on now.

I am not a wealthy person, but, I am a programmer by day, and artist by night. I have never put my art up for sale, but, had an idea that maybe a 'silent auction' would be a cool way to raise money for free speech/your show. I was thinking that 90% of the price would go to the show and 10% to me (for supplies/etc.).

I place my art on my own site at:

how much fear?

It is worth repeating that the ISIS fanatics were too radical for Al-Quaeda in Syria, and that the warring of various factions against each other in Syria, as well as against the Assad regime, was the very reason that “preemptive” sponsorship of any of those factions was fraught with danger. I am not convinced that, among the many concerns of the American people (whether the wealthy can be trusted to release their strangle hold on job creation or held accountable for abuses of power, or the economic largess of wall street translated to main street prosperity), the wi

Eric Cantor’s Defeat Is Also Netanyahu’s

Wow, wow,.....just wow.

"One issue wasn’t talked about, though I wonder if it subliminally registered with some anti-Cantor voters. Cantor in 2010 more or less presented himself as Bibi Netanyahu’s congressman. Newly Elevated by the GOP House takeover as the incoming majority leader, he held a private meeting with the Likud leader at the New York Regency. No other Americans were present; Netanyahu was joined by Israel’s ambassador and national security advisor."

Treat guns like cars

tom has mentioned many times during his program that we should move forward with the idea of treating guns like the way that we treat cars. What this would mean is as a gun owner I would need to do the following three things:
1. in order to get a gun license I need to know how to use the gun by taking a written test and also a practical test of actually shooting it at a gun range

2. I need to have comprehensive liability insurance just like I would if I had a car.

The City 2

We will take as our point of departure a review in Jacobin magazine of a book titled "Bulletproof Neoliberalism" before reviewing some publications relevant to understanding the emerging political dynamic centered around the issues of "gentrification" and "urban renewal". Aside from the value Heideman's review in Jacobin of Mirowski's work might have for anyone contemplating acquiring a new read on the subject of neoliberalism, we are interested in the fact that this publication marks the point at which we acknowledge that neoliberalism is a philosophy which is here to stay.

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What Else Are We missing? Impeachment Should Include All of Trump's Crimes

Thom plus logo Donald Trump has threatened the fate and future of human civilization by joining with fossil fuel industry billionaires in denying climate change.
-- He has threatened world peace by upending our alliances with other democratic nations and aligning himself with dictators, murderers and autocrats.