July 2014

Do you think it matters who is the next president?

I think it matters who is the next president because he or she will decide to enforce or not to enforce certain laws legalized by the states but illegal by the federal government.

Jury Activism???

Jury Activism???

If called to a jury and selected, if you do not believe there has been a crime committed do you convict?

Citigroup's $7 Billion "Settlement"

This "settlement" is nothing more than a stealth, profit-sharing scheme, between Citigroup and the Federal Government.

"Reluctantly, Patriot Flees Homeland for Greener Tax Pastures," NYTs Headline

Read all about it, folks. I can only link the URL from yesterday's NYT's.

Climate Collapse: ALEC members must not be allowed to play a key role in destroying the food security of the US without consequences.

Membership in ALEC should be treated similar to the historical precedent set by membership in Hitler’s Nazi party. ALEC members insistence on dirty energy is an atrocity with deadly consequences now and in the making.

Don't let doctors perform euthanasia

First, I am not against human euthanasia. I believe that the right to end one's life, if not due to a mental illness, is just that: a right. As a physician, I have seen many a terminally ill individual, and his or her family, suffer incredibly and spend devastatingly all to no good end.I In blocking this right to die with dignity, the government is taking a religious stance which it has no business taking. Additionally, end of life care puts a significant burden on the health care system, and a right to die with dignity can relieve some of this burden.

California drought to have “intense” impact on United States’ food security.

Obama’s energy and environmental policies are a horrific failure that we now have no choice but to pay for in earnest.


******** OPEN LETTER ********

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 Beverly Hills, CA USA

Attention: Prime Minister NETANYAHU, Sir:

This is the document that makes the exemption for prior residency of Massachusetts.

This is the document that makes the exemption for prior residency of Massachusetts. I just picked this up again today. This is my third copy picked up from the Registry of Motor Vehicles of Massachusetts. The prior two copies I have missed placed. The person will ask you, “Have you had a license in the state before?”

Diaspora - Anyone Interested?


People who bitch about Facebook, etc. might find it interesting.

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Part 1 - Is Economic Disaster About to Hit & Are You Prepared?

Thom plus logo Right now the United States and the world are facing four massive trends that, in combination, we haven't faced since the 1920s. We are seeing the rise of a new and brutal form of governance with extraordinary industrial capacity and power in China, much as Nazi Germany rose in Europe.