July 2014

Food and Water: Today’s shortages are largely permanent and cumulative as the Environment\Climate continues to worsen.

Now more than ever there is a solid,…scratch that,….SCREAMINGLY OBVIOUS case for population control.

NEW BOOK: “Steady-State Economics,” by Herman E. Daly

An economy without Wall Street’s mandate for a 3% Annual Compound Rate of Growth or otherwise the complete environmental and social disaster we have now.

Obama authorizes Big$ Oil$ to do seismic blasting on East Coast.

This from Oceana":


Just an idea…

Churches should pay property taxes

Properties owned by non-profits are exempt from paying property taxes for much of their real estate. This results in a shifting of the tax burden to the rest of us. According to the Washington State Department of Revenue there are approximately 5,000 churches from over 120 religious denominations in Washington. The tax shift is approximately $70 million in revenue that must be picked up by the rest of us property owners.

Walker uses millions of Taxpayer Dollars to ship jobs overseas.

Kind of like Obama did with the electric car company Tesla he opened in Finland. What's more, Mary Burke's TREK is almost all made in China too. "The future so bright I gotta wear shades!"

This from the AFL-CIO:

National Water Irrigation System???

I heard a very good idea, today on the Norman Goldman radio show, about creating the National Water Irrigation System. It is an awesome idea to funnel rain waters from various flood regions and pump it towards areas of drought.

No matter how huge of a National Water Irrigation System built it will not be able to collect all the rain water.

Blame the 1% that started the fight over the commercial value of Ukraine for Malaysia Flight 17.

Blame American\Western and Russian 1%’rs (and their corporations) that started the fight over who would get to exploit the commercial value represented by Ukraine for the crash of Malaysia flight 17.

USS Vincennes..Arabian/Persian gulf...1988....Malaysia Airliner... 2014

The USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian airliner that killed 290 people..66 were children...16 were crew. The US never admitted guilt...never apologized...yet did agree to pay $61.8 million in compensation to the families of the Iranian victims. I wonder, what if Russia did the same thing as the US did? Not admit guilt, never apologizes, but pays victim's families $61.8 million? Obama and the other US hypocrites are most likely responsible for the sucker play they did when they directed that Malaysia plane over the war zone.

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Why Did Cadet Bone Spurs Go to the Hospital?

Thom plus logo Not many people are buying Trump's story that he just kind of on a whim, decided to go visit Walter Reed Hospital in a motorcade without even first calling his doctor because he thought it would be a good time to start his February annual check up.

The two most prominent theories right now are that