August 2014

Nancy Pelosi's money

To the man who questioned where Mrs Pelosi's money came from....she was born into it. I know...back in the '60s, my roommate dated her nephew and was often invited to the family ranch in Napa Valley. Yes, Nancy and her husband make money from real estate, perhaps by insider information as a member of congress, but no more so than Mr Boehner or any other member of congress. It is allowed. Want to close this loophole, start raising a ruckus about it until congress itself closes this very advantageous loophole to its members. Lots of luck.

Three Times the Fun

"Take the Money and Shove It" is a story of hackneyed fortunes that went bad versus a people united to live stream democracy into the future. It has all the drama of life in the gassed lane plus 3 times the fun.

Fraudulent Pretenses: Fed needs to rewrite the $16 Trillion in Loan Docs that "bailed out" the 1%

Increase the rate and accelerate the due date. Have takeover assistance standing by to flush politically connected corporate management teams (that want to file for bankruptcy) out of their jobs and out of the system.

Use the proceeds to stimulate aggregate demand on Main St - that's all you ever really need to do to truly "save" a financial institution or corporation.

Burger King belongs to Obama's\Democrats'\Goldman Sachs' Warren Buffett.

The kindly, patriotic, grandfather of the Democratic Party is a tax dodging ol' putz!

Top 13 National Parks threatened by Obama’s Fracking.

What is wrong with our leadership that we can back ourselves into taking such actions and making such choices?!;jsessionid=1A70453E12639BD1A9A835CBC5065FB0.app329a?pagename=national_parks_public_lands_fracking_2014

Obama’s Nuclear Regulatory$$$ Commission caught suppressing report on precarious Diablo Canyon reactor.

Move over Fukushima it turns out that the Diablo Canyon Nuclear reactor is surrounded by fault lines capable of producing earthquakes far larger than it was designed to withstand…and our own government tried to hide the fact from its own People.

This from “Friends of the Earth”:

The Power of Nightmares-the creation of the Myths of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda

The spectre of Bin Laden and Al Qaeda was largely engineered by the United States...probably the FBI. They were trying to create the spectre of a large criminal organization so that it would help in prosecuting Bin Laden for various bombings that had occurred including the 1998 bombings in embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and the In fact, Bin Laden had never even used the name Al Qaeda before he first heard it after 9/11.

Control over media successfully squelches Public’s reaction to highly accident prone mega Pipeline “Rockaway Delivery Lateral Project”

What’s that you say? “The what???” That’s right, you weren’t supposed to hear about it, or the White House’s deaf ear to the Public outcry over it. We are talking about the accident prone Rockaway Pipeline from hell that makes Keystone XL look like a girl scout jamboree.

Still think consolidate control in the media industry is a good idea?

Not my President.

Happy$$$ Corporations All Around!: Obama deciding to give Big Oil/Gas its very own war with Syria.

But alas, Sad 99%’rs all around cause they’ll have to pay the price…but “what care we what the rabble say” is the dogma of the day for the Washington/Wall St Nexus.

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Prison for Miscarriages?

Thom plus logo Mike Pence's and the GOP's war on women took a sinister turn this week when Planned Parenthood was forced to abandon Title X funding; they can no longer get payment for serving low income women for cancer screenings and STD treatments.