August 2014

Defeating ISIS

Mr. Hartman:

Hey Thom, maybe those pigeons are trying to tell you something:

[quote]Migratory birds are known to use the geomagnetic field as a source of compass information. Scientists have shown that oscillating magnetic fields disrupt the orientation behavior of migratory birds.

Researchers found that robins were disoriented when exposed to a vertically aligned, broadband or a single-frequency field.

According to Alasdair Philips of Powerwatch,

Spanish for Kindergarten

For 40 years, people like former Presidents Carter, Reagan, and Bush and former CIA Director Leon Panetta have been advocating for teaching foreign languages beginning in kindergarten. Millions of job seekers are no longer qualified to take jobs that require bilingual skills, yet educators say they are preparing children for future jobs while at the same time refusing to teach foreign languages adequately.

This Should Go Well: Westboro Baptist Church Says It’s Going To Iraq To Protest ISIS

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Middle East

It was Carters decision to give away our strongest aly that is the source of all the trouble. The Shah was relatively progressive towards women and kept religion out of the government

$4.75 for a banana????

I went to a movie theater the other day in Woburn, MA. I saw a banana for sale. I asked about the price they said it was $4.75 for one banana.

My question is, What about the Sherman Anti-Trust Laws?

What about commerce clause?

What about encouraging people to eat healthy?

What about the wasteful food of the entire bananas that could have been consumed a reasonable price?

What about the sign that bans outside food from being brought in and consumed?

Police pull mother and children over at gunpoint by mistake


I'm jason from  Houston, TX. Here's a recent story about f'd up cops...again.


Bill Moyer: Nobel Economist Joseph Stiglitz’s Report shows tax system encourages Corporations to invest and create jobs overseas.

We are effectively more of a system of “one vote for one dollar” than we are a democracy where “one person gets one vote”

RESIGN NOW: Ritz Carlton Democrat Harry Reid’s racist remarks against Asian-Americans are a disgrace.

Anther out of touch asshole in Washington

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America Needs To Move Seniors Out of Poverty and to Stop Choosing Between Food & Medicine

Thom plus logo For decades, progressives have been talking about eliminating the cap on the Social Security tax and raising Social Security benefits enough that retired and disabled people can actually survive.