September 2014

lifesize: art of the possible

bismarck said "politics is the art of the possible." idealism may drive us, but realism determines how far we can go. change in laws and conditions FOLLOWS change in public sentiment, and a revolution attempted too soon will fail.

here's an example from popular culture: in 1927, "strike up the band," a show by the gershwins, came to broadway. it's message was that wars were precipitated by corporate profiteeering. in '27, the economy was riding high, and the show flopped.

Rape and The Elephant

Quite a debate has been raging within the TH community. The debate has been so complicated, powerful and emotional that a second thread was opened. It seems in some cases otherwise allies became adversaries, language deteriorated, context was lost. At the risk of muddying the waters further, I offer a sumation and an alternative to both threads. Here's hoping third time's a charm.

Inspection- Forgotten Folks We Thought We Knew

This column was inspired, in part, by Mart Allen's 2013 book: Adirondack Character and his portrait of Frank and Jessie Ritz. I never met Frank Ritz, but I lived with Jessie Ritz: or "Grandma Ritz" as we all referred to her, for about 2 1/2 years. Many afternoons and evenings I sat with her in that back bedroom at Ritz house next to the Nutty Putty: Main Street, Old Forge and discussed life.

Why we vote.

We vote because our lives depend on it. There are 3 major reasons why we must vote and be active in this/our country. For if we don't we will surely lose it.


What Americans Want.

People know that the middle class is disappearing. They know more people are living in poverty and that the wealthy and large corporations are doing phenomenally well. And they want the government to take action.”

According To A Recent American Values Survey What DO Americans Want? Find Out Here:

How say you on this?

Climate Collapse: “India says it won't cut emissions for 30 years.”

Excerpt from the article: “India's climate stance: This mostly isn't our fault.”

And knowing this John Kerry and Barac O'bama broke the law to allow Enbridge to bring Canadian Tar Sands Oil into the US via a dilapitated, aged pipeline.

GDP “Success”?: expanded GDP by busying ourselves with our own environmental suicide (dirty fossil fuels), and otherwise very few American shared in the growth$$$.

Wheeeee! Are we having fun yet?!

Let’s hear it for future eater Barac Obama for taking the WILDLY FOOLISH myopic route of engaging in activity where the true costs of production and consumption aren’t felt until a subsequent political cycle (but the benefits$$ to himself and party are felt now).

Our Saudi allies in the “spending plan” (NOT “strategy”) for ISIS beheaded 19 people this last August alone!?

Special Thanks to Bill Moyer

How Should We Invest in the Future?

How Should We Invest in the Future?

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?