September 2014

PURE Libertarianism, What is it?

We hear a lot of people claim they are Libertarians, and they do it with a puffing out of their chests and standing tall, because they believe in everyone standing on their own two feet and don't let the government mess with my Medicare. Oh wait, scratch the last part of the sentence.

Rev. Al Sharpton: 'I Believe We Can Continue To Move Forward'

It was an opportunity I couldn’t resist. The Rev. Al Sharpton, one of the leading African-American voices in our country, speaking at what some could consider the poster child for Norwegian America: St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. So that’s where I headed Monday night, on a trek about 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities. It was well worth the effort.

Forget +2 degrees, atmosphere’s maximum carrying capacity of carbon dioxide now two-thirds full.

We are in deep, this isn’t going to be pretty.;_ylt=A0LEV18LBiJUg3kA0eZXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzazd0bW1qBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMzBHZ0aWQDVklQNDk1XzEEc2VjA3Ny?soc_src=mediacontentstory

We Love You Jimmy Carter!

"The broken make the best followers."


Vaccines are necessary. The 3 in 1 shots are not.


MayoRahm says decriminalizing small amounts of untaxed drugs will buy him the votes he wants, as closing the People's schools never could.


Did Dr. Gwen offer to work on Rick Perry's vocal chords for free or in exchange for advice on humane executions?


Is the U.S. government the private security force of Saudi Arabia and does the job pay well?


Obama claiming he has no control over FCC’s decision to eliminate Net Neutrality.

This from Fight for the Future:

After the Internet Slowdown, Cable company lobbyists descended in droves and have been tag teaming the FCC and members of Congress, making veiled threats and calling net neutrality supporters “extremists.”

Phoenix UFOs

Have created a new blog at The URL is...

The Two Babylons

Polite Society Part 2: Discussion of Religion and Politics in Polite Society May Be Done Metaphorically Under the Umbrella of " Babylon."

Lately my cohorts and I have been searching for umbrellas under which two opposing yet co-dependant subjects can be discussed without lapsing into chaotic threads of insults, accusations, assumptions. all deteriorating into a waste of time.


“Saying “government is not the solution government it’s the problem” is spitting in the face of George Washington after getting 3 horses shot from underneath him trying to create this republic. It is spitting on Thomas Jefferson and all those who worked on the Declaration of Independence. Every single one of them had death warrants on their heads the entirety of the Revolutionary war. It is spitting in the face of Abraham Lincoln who payed the ultimate price for trying to hold this union together.

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?