October 2014

Fascism is the New Communism, Rhetorically or Substantially?

I'm hearing the word "fascism" being tossed around more and more. Is this about rhetoric, the power of words, or about actual reality?

I wonder if "fascism" is this century's "communism" as rhetorical TNT?

Personal Responsibility?

Yeah, hey, guess what? We ALL want our own Personal Responsibility - this also means that we have our own Personal Autonomy, our own Personal AUTHORITY. That means that we have our own CHOICES and DECISIONS. When GREEDY humans structure economies, laws, social rules & even define social MORALS according to their aggressive and vicious belief systems, a huge segment of the population LOSES THEIR access to choices and decisions. Personal Responsibility can be stolen away from people by those who are deliberately and actively attacking and devouring them.


Civil Rights Martyrs

Greed, Retirees and minimum wage

Absolutely no one ever mentions the ability of retirees to continue affording to live in an economy where everything continues to go up and up in price. We have no voice. Our elected officials ignore us, even Thom does not mention "us" when he takes the side of the minium wage worker.

Ebola ATTACK is a Right-Wing ‘October Surprise’ Plot to Take Over the Senate & USA

This Ebola ATTACK is a Right-Wing ‘October Surprise’ Plot to Take Over the Senate... then the Country. The Media, (Controlled by Five Right-Wing Billionaire-Owned Corporations), has Proven it’s Complicity by SATURATING the Media with Ebola FEAR Mongering allowing NO DISCUSSION the Whole Month before the Election of REAL Political Issues and What the True Agenda of the Right-Wing (Corporate-Fascist) Republicans ACTUALLY is.

Goldman Sachs acting erratic as ISIS oil sales creates glut of supply and lackluster demand for LEGITIMATE oil.

Think of it this way, just like america has two economies, there are two markets for oil - the market for legitimate oil and the stuff ISIS is selling. The stuff ISIS is selling effects the supply and demand for legitimate oil.

Social Security

There was a question on federal workers and Social Security.

I am a retired federal employee - civil service DOD worker. I am on the old defined payment system for retirement and we are only allowed to recieve 40% of allowed Social Security payments since we recieve a monthly retirement check.

The new federal system is a 401k and Social Security system, so there is no limit on Social Security monthly payments.

Voter Suppresion

I realize that today's show is over, but I hope Thom gets to read this. I waited about 20 minutes on hold today to respond to a previous caller who quoted someone he called a Republican strategist (although he didn't recall his name) who had revealed his bigotry openly when questioned about the expected effects of new voter I.D. laws.


By Richard Greene, Sam Gilman, Jesse Gordon, and Steve Hilton

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America Needs To Move Seniors Out of Poverty and to Stop Choosing Between Food & Medicine

Thom plus logo For decades, progressives have been talking about eliminating the cap on the Social Security tax and raising Social Security benefits enough that retired and disabled people can actually survive.