November 2014


i see that my recent post criticizing this site's daily poll has disappeared. can it be that this roused no responses? am i the only site-visitor to be put off by the wording of the prefab answers?

am trying to throw this back on thom: that is, to force him or webmaster to justify such constraints to preached "free speech."

how about somebody addressing this, debating me, or otherwise showing signs of intelligent life?

defining "taxes"

the right rail against the taxes govt levies, and tout the purity of "free" market. isn't it time to point out that the "financial industry," (what thom calls the "banksters") is a tax, too. while our govt payments come back to us in services, often inefficiently, the money banksters make comes back to the public only in VERY inefficient trickle-down form.

Please share concept: political lynching of Obama, with lynch mob in control of both houses of government

This Obama experience, when we get down to base reality, has been a kind of political lynching, complete with castration. And now mob bosses with lots of money have been able to influence the public to install a lynch mob in control of both houses of government

Electronic Warfare Range-- area adjacent to Olympic National Park

The Navy intends to turn our Olympic National Forest and DNR lands adjacent to Olympic National Park into an electromagnetic warfare training range for their Growler jet pilots from Whidbey Island NAS. Growlers would overfly the N. Olympic cities of Port Townsend, Sequim, and Port Angeles. Forks, on the west coast, is closest to the range.

Just the facts Ma'am

It is very interesting that certain details about this event are not brought to light by those who consider the police officer totally in the wrong for using his weapon against Mr Brown. There was conflicting testimony by the over 60 "eyewitnesses" who were interviewed for the grand jury investigation. There is video evidence of Mr Brown entering a convenience store shortly before his encounter with law enforcement, demanding tobacco products without payment, and then roughly up the store clerk before exiting.

An indictment by the grand jury

would have been grounds for protest in light of the Trayvon trial. The prosecutor in Florida held a news conference after the not guilty verdict acting as if she deserved an Oscar. She had reason to believe it as she put on a great show trial that allowed Zimmerman to claim self-defense without taking the stand because her assistant introduced the re-enacment video based on Zimmerman's version of events.


I don't get it. I simply just don't get it. This situation in Ferguson should not have gotten this far out of hand.

America, World's richest Country ?

Thom you keep saying America is the World's richest Country. Are you sure?

According to the book 'Getting Out' (which I'm hoping to do) , the top 10 are:

Luxembourg, Norway, Qatar, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, Denmark, Australia, Sweeden, Canada, U.S.A. - that is income per capita.

Dear Thom; mercury in retrograde

I'd heard you mention this before and didn't know what it meant, but I think that must be when it spins backward (after reading reading an astrological report on Pluto being in Capricorn and actually going into retrograde this year). It mentioned it was only discovered in 1930 but since that 'they' have noticed whenever it was in Capricorn all hell broke loose and many social ills were rectified. The last time the Guillotine was made the inventor famous. Well this is interesting and makes me wonder, How did they come up with the name?

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The American Dream is Alive & Well In China

Thom plus logo As we are seeing millions of people in the streets in Hong Kong becoming politically active, we also learned that roughly 70% of Chinese millennials already own their own homes.