November 2014

Mitch McConnell Leaked Audio Tapes

Straight from the turtles mouth! Your Senate Majority Leader, everybody! He admits to everything crooked & wrong with politics in this country. I could give a million rebuttals, but the audio really speaks for itself. If you're a progressive I think you'll agree that every sentence is worse than the last.


I would tune in from time to time in the car and I don't hear Thom on at 5p -- anyone know why?

What are we supposed to do with our dead once Climate Collapse really gets rolling?

Afterall, It is, unfortunately, about that time when our thoughts should start to shift to some of the more mundane and practical aspects of Climate Change.

Inspection- On the Blackest Nights the Brightest Light Shines

Some thoughts about the recent, and past, elections...

How was the 4 billion dollars of Campaign Contributions spent and Where?

How is all that money spent? For sure it is spent of commericals, flyiers, bottoms, signs, ect, but is the money used locally? Is there a sort of "Buy America" policy, where products are bought in country if supply allows, or is it all cheap outsourced services? If its all locally spent, then maybe theres an upside to this, but if its all loopholes and outsourceing, then its just the same old insults.

If anyone has any insight on this please reply, thank you

China, US, and Russia are all converging to a similar type of hybrid fascism.

Expressions of greed by the haves, regardless of the type of stated government, invariably result in countries whose leaderships shape a reasonable facsimile of one another over time….especially from the perspective of the 99%. So, yea right, China and Russia are Communist and the US is Democratic.

It is naïve to say the difference is big because US citizens can exercise free will when voting. They are just subject to manipulation designed to manufacture consent so they can participate in an electoral system that is, in effect, heavily flawed.

Death with Dignity:

In America a person has the privilege and obligation under the law to feel every bit of pain until dead.

Instead of a laws protecting a person’s right to die peacefully and with dignity.

Many issues behind states and federal government not protecting a person’s right to privacy during their choice to die peacefully of a terminal illness.

The Republicans have realized that it is costly to keep non-violent drug offenders in prison.

The republicans have realized that it is costly to keep non-violent drug offenders in prison. The republicans are even thinking about ending the war on drugs. Why, because there is no more money for the War on Terror. The War on Terror will bring freedom to the Americans in prison.

States and local government have no more money to enforce federal mandates and laws. This will lead to the release of many non-violent offenders from prison.

It time to get rid of captive animals in the United State of America

It time to get rid of captive animals in the United State of America. The cruelty for entertainment of wild animals needs to end. The end of aquariums, zoos and circuses needs to happen. In this day and age of communication, travel and internet; the need for captive animals for education and entertainment purposes is less necessity.

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"The Saddest Thing Is This Won't Be Breaking News"

Thom plus logo As the world burns, and more and more fossil fuels are being used every day planet-wide, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels passed 416 ppm this week at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii. In the 300,000 years since the emergence of modern humans, carbon dioxide levels have never been this high.