November 2014

Voter Suppression?!?: People walk out of the auditorium when O’blah blah speaks to rally support for MD Governor candidate.

Their personal agenda$$$ advance, and the People pay the price.

Fox News violates rules for reporting exit polls.

Too bad democrats under O’bama didn’t get money out of politics when they had the chance.


Mike Papantonio brought up the definition of "Eliminationism" today. Eliminationism encourages the contempt (hate) talker to ridicule, supress and ignore the opinions that are different from the from the audience. But anyone who has participated in these pages has run into a few Eliminiationists, and I find it disheartening, dissapointing and inconsistentent with what Thom Hartmann says he stands for, These people don't just troll, antagonize, they do it to the point that people that debate/disscussion shuts down, as most people find such abuse offensive.

N.C. Teachers

Today I was listening to two of my teammates (teachers I work closely with) discussing how they needed to hurry out to vote Kay Hagan( D) out! It is unbelievable to listen to teachers who are supposed to be informed that Rep's do not support ED. in NC. These two are also women!. Now I know there is no hope for education and/ or Democrats in this state!

Paper Ballot? Just Ask!!

Hi, Friends! Happy Voting Day! I am a resident of Texas, & I voted last week. After I signed my name, I said (respectfully loudly), "I'd like a paper ballot, please!" They said they don't have any for us. I said I'd like to do it that way so I have a record of my vote.

Solar Power Breakthrough, Ready for Squashing?

A research team at the University of California at San Diego has developed a nanoparticle based solar power material capable of capturing 90% of sunlight and converting it into heat, with capabilities of withstanding very high temperatures and being outdoors with little need for maintenance. Not only that, it can be retrofitted onto existing coal and oil fired power plants to create the necessary heat. You can read about it here:



Here, is where I am going to post some of the most rediculous/obscene: lies, propaganda, rhetoric, and outright fearmongering that I and the better part of at least half of my generation are subjected to multiple times every single day by very many members apart of a couple of generations departed. You may agree or disagree with my opinions as is YOUR right but be warned, WE (as an entire generation united) will not continue to tolerate such abuses that have been so conspicuously perpetrated upon us.

FUCK voting, Stay Home: FCC Chairman Wheeler renewing DEMOCRATS attack on Net Neutrality.

What is Wheeler's and Obama's malfunction?!? Why do they refuse to acknowledge the vehement, wide spread, hatred of the Democrats efforts to dismantle Net Neutrality?

This from FreePress:

Democrats’ Failed Leadership: Newly discovered Climate Collapse phenomena to obliterate Polar Ice far sooner than expected.

“…open oceans are much less efficient than sea ice when it comes to emitting in the far-infrared region of the [electromagnetic] spectrum. This means that the Arctic Ocean traps much of the energy in far-infrared radiation, a previously unknown phenomenon…”

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America: Meet Your Overlord Rupert Murdoch...

Thom plus logo The main lesson that we've learned so far from the impeachment hearings is that if Richard Nixon had had a billionaire like Rupert Murdoch with a television network like Fox News behind him, he never would've resigned and America would have continued to be presided over by a criminal.