November 2014

Gasoline Prices: What Do They Want From Us?

In the last few weeks, gasoline prices have crashed. Even in California (which has a high state tax on gasoline and special mixture requirements), prices are below $3.00/gallon in some areas!


There seems to be a glut of oil on the worldwide market (due to fracking?), and gradually decreasing demand. OK, that's the Supply & Demand part.

Back when gasoline prices were well over $4.00/gallon, we heard that much of the increase was due to oil derivatives trading, especially by Wall St. banks.


Elizabeth Warren on Fighting Back Against Wall St. Giants

Would like to hear more about judicial elections.

In my state of Iowa - we have judicial retention elections. I understand that you cast your vote on whether or not the judge shall be retained or not, but do we only vote for judges in our district, or do we vote for them all? You dont hear very much coverage on judcial races. It's kind of a shame, you are more likely to run in to them then a legislator.

Time for Universal Health Coverage: “More than half the people who enrolled in Obamacare last year don’t plan to sign up again”

Stop the corruption. Cancel Obamacare and give the American 99% Universal Health coverage NOW

Should the People be allowed to seek restitution from Climate Criminals?

This from Rep. Grayson:

GAME OVER: Ban Canadian Tar Sands Oil from American Refineries

Oil Sands Crude Seen Reaching Gulf Without Keystone XL

Decreased dopamine brain reactivity in marijuana abusers is associated with negative emotionality and addiction severity

Anyone know of someone who uses marijuana frequently and frequently shows "negative emotionality"?

optimal disruption, managed chaos

You hear terms like "creative destruction" and simply "disruption". "Change" was a key word in the Obama campaign, a deliberate attempt to tap into the propaganda of the new forms of capitalism typified by the titans of the tech industry branching out into other realms.

Time to vote the Play-it-Safe-around-Corporate- Money Mark PokedCan (D-WI) out of Congress.

Democrats have to stop drifting to the right to ensure their continued political career. And if it wouldn’t be for his cowardly and self-indulgent behavior around special interest cash Mark PokedCan would be selling used cars (or a lobbyist, consultant, advisor, or whatever they are calling self interest putz’s who sell out the People these days). I know PokedCan’s kind, and he has to go. He can "reach across the aisle" to crazy on someone elses tab other than the American People.

Chris Christie Blows His Top at Press Conference, October 30, 2014


New Jersey's biggest bully, Gov. Chris Christie turned up for a press conference yesterday and had a surprising spat with a New Jersey man who turned up to tell Christie he needs to do more for residents who are still displaced from their homes after Hurricane Sandy.

Christie, who showed up for the cameras and spotlight, chastised the man for showing up for the cameras and spotlight.

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Impeachment: The Difference Between Nixon & Trump

Thom plus logo There is a very simple reason why some Republicans participated in the impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon, but none have so far broken ranks against Trump. That reason is the US Supreme Court.