December 2014

Inspection- How Can We Find Our Way Out of Ferguson?

A clown from Hell welcomes us to the latest town the carnival is visiting and says, "This way to the Ferguson Follies."
  It has become a circus of nightmares traveling across America, truly worthy of Bradbury's Something Wicked this Way Comes. Actually it makes Bradbury's book seem more comedy, in comparison.

Washington using Ferguson as a weapon of mass distraction to make progress on TPP

It was Rob Emmanuel ("mayor of the 1%) who said "never let a tragedy go to waste" and it looks like we are seeing that as Washington has taken the opportunity of Micheal's murder to quiety beef up the Internet Censorship provisions of the Trans Pacific Partnership as well as make a run at a vote to Fast Track the job and environment killing legislation.

Family Affordability Glitch: Low income families not available to afford ObamaCare even with subsidies.

Obamacare is NOT Universal Health coverage. AFA’s “affordability” is based on a hypothetical outlay for single bread winner – no kids, no spouse. The subsidy a person gets is only going to help them insure themselves, no assistance to cover the cost of insuring your spouse or kids.

PETITION: INTERNET CENSORSHIP of Obama’s TPP have gotten even worse and Fast Track is picking up momentum.

"Never let a tragedy go to waste" said Rob Emmanual and Washington is using the tragedy of Ferguson as a weapon of mass distraction to make progress on the job killing Trans Pacific Partnership.

This from Fight for the Future.

Federal Reserve caught giving Wall St top secret report laying out upcoming monetary policy moves by US.

Knowing this information, like the information obtained through Obama’s pumped up surveillance tools, can make a trader billions!

Put it another way, Gov't giving this information to traders is like gov't giving, say, a life-time supply of free plumbing supplies and free labor to a plumber. But the working class is apparently not worthy of such govt assistance.

Excessive gun shots

In the Ferguson affair, if the suspects head was down, that should indicate that there was a good chance of no resistance to arrest and no need for executing more deadly force.

Proper training would remedy this.

Common Courtesy would have prevented any incident.

Corruption gives an unfair advantage to wealth

Lobbyists and citizens united gives an unfair advantage to those who are already fortunate.

Legally Bankrupting student Loans

If a student Loan was signed before the blocking of bankruptcy Law, then it should be eligible for bankruptcy.

Are Republicans playing chess with immigration?

Republicans and their wealthy backers have demonstrated time and again that they play chess politically while the rest of us are playing checkers. Are they doing it again with immigration?

They have not gotten the majority of the hispanic vote in any election. So how could they get that, and perhaps control of Congress and the White House at the same time?

The Rams NFL Players had an Olympic Moment, bravo

I see the actions of the Rams players as a reflection of the Olympic Athletes who raised their arms. And the same hystrionics have resulted. Shall we defrock the NFL players as the Olympians were defrocked? Their medals taken away? Take away uniforms for solidarity with a fellow human being? Empathy is a crime? Is empathy to be fined? Should compassion be punnished?

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