December 2014

Help Jail GW Bush

Petition needing 100,000 signatures for White House to act:

President Obama submit Senate Torture Report to International Criminal Court in The Hague.

Please go to to add your name today. Thank you.

Also requesting Thom Hartmann to mention this petition on his show. Thank you.


Thom, I'm a regular listener and find you to be the best host/facilitator on radio. You're rational, logical, respectful and honest.

Ban Obama from receiving any type of remuneration from Wall St and the Health Insurance Industry after leaving the White House.

And if in the future Wall St requires any assistance from the American Taxpayer’s as a direct result of modifications to Dodd-Frank by CRomnibus Spending Bill the Government of the United States of America should seize and liquidate the entire wealth of the Barac O’bama to help pay for it.

SONY Hack = Publicity Stunt???

Anybody else get this feeling or is just me?

Maybe even just one more smoke screen to keep the public occupied with something that doesn't even matter?

Every day the public is being fed garbage to keep them busy.

Thanks Democrats: Illegal spill prone Enbridge Pipeline passing through WI without any assets and dubious insurance.

Obama and Kerry’s illegal Enbridge Pipeline is using a partnership structure where the Master Limited Partnership (in whose name the Pipeline will operate) disburses its profits from operation to Partners leaving the Master Limited partnership with little to no net worth to speak of. My guess is some or all of any the hard assets needed by the Master Limited Partnership are leased. It is a basically a “shell corporation” that you can't sue for damages.

Jesus the Homeless

Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and James Risen are us and we are them.

Who is Jesus the Homeless?

New Mexico Dairy Shuts Down After Video Exposes Horrific Animal Abuse

Los Angeles Times, December 19, 2014


Strapped with a surveilance camera, the animal rights activist went undercover this fall to document activities at a New Mexico dairy that supplied cheese products to several major U.S. pizza chains.

He says he was sickened by what he saw - and videotaped.

This wasn't a slaughterhouse, but a dairy farm where animals live for years.

Putting wings on pigs

A gunman in NYC shot dead two uniformed policemen sitting in their police vehicle allegedly for revenge against the killing of Garner. The cops were shot in the head. The perp fled down into the subway but committed suicide with his own gun. He made some comments on the internet about "putting wings on pigs today" and that "they kill one of ours, we'll kill two of theirs". Of course, it wasn't just the two officers that this guy killed. He also had just killed his girlfriend in Baltimore prior to shooting the cops in NYC.

Elizabeth Warren for President--A Plan for Posterity

It's a joy divine to share your deepest thoughts with the world.

Born in the Month of IBM, Died in Nothing is Sacred in the 21st Century

Spoiler alert: Orwell's '1984' was the mesmerizing elevator pitch glimpse into our present that it is safe to say at this point has transformed into a nightmarish three hour feature film tour de force 3D version of hell on earth.

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Does Trump "Tweet" When His Staff Says No?

Thom plus logo Lev Parnas tells the story of how Donald Trump fired ambassador Marie Yovanovitch at least "four or five times," and that they were afraid that he would "fire her with a tweet." This is not the first time we have heard from White House insiders that the president often gives irrational or stupid orders that his staff then ignores.