January 2015

Michelle Obama's lack of scarf

I worked in Riyadh Saudi Arabia and even cared for King Abdullahs daughter and saw him occasionally. I never wore a head covering and neither did any of the other ex-pats I knew.

The Republicans really are winning. What do the Democrats really need to do?

We need to fight back, we need think tanks like they have. Where are the democratic think tanks? I watch C-span and now almost all that I see is the Republicans. they take over not only the Fox so called news, along with all the other corporate news channels, but they also have taken over C-SPAN? It is currently dominated by Republicans.And they continue to win the war of words.

Climate change cover up.

Yesterday the National Weather Service and all of their minions , Weather Channel, Weather Underground, AccuWeather etc. forcast "the worst snowstorm in New York history". It did not happen! Sorry Boston ,you did get snowed on a bit. It is supposed to snow in Boston in January!

Stimulate aggregate demand by de-concentrating wealth and not by ignoring the phenomenally high environmental cost of “cheap” Oil$ and Gas$

Obama’s five year plan for expanding offshore drilling is a disgrace brought about by the spirit of Citizens United. This is not some “new” America brought about by a natural process of change. It is not something to be embraced if you wish to be one of the highly self-regarded few who occupy inner Washington.

Crimes Against Humanity: Obama announces 5 yr mega expansion of risky offshore drilling for Big Oil and Gas.

Where’s a fucking asteroid when ya need it!? Let’s just get this over with!

This from the Patriotic, responsible, sensible, none-sycophant, morally just, Americans at Oil Change International all of whom apparently have some degree of strength of character:

Gogebic Taconite, Rio Tinto, Ad nauseam: 3rd ANTI-MINE activist found MURDERED.

Deforestation of one million acres for one mine only

This from Sierra Rise:

President Obama's Legacy and What it Means for 2016

The 2014 midterms turned into a blowout for Republicans who gained substantially in the House and took control of the Senate. The Capitol Building is solidly red. No doubt the GOP is patting itself on the back for its prowess -- it's quite the feat. Or is it? I think that the present reality actually bodes well for liberals who are already now set to prevail in 2016.

who's afraid of the big, bad Kochs?

I doubt ANY amount of money spent demonizing dems and liberals can get a majority of american voters who elect a gop candidate over hillary or any dem in '16: the kids are peeling off from their parents' antiquated and bible-based beliefs, and the '14 success of right-wing candidates for congress sahowed how sleepy many dems are in mid-term races. they'll flock again to vote for hillary or ?

What are the cuts to entitlement programs Boehner is talking about????

What are the proposals for cuts to Social Security? I am not able to find any real information about John Boehner’s talking point about cuts to entitlement programs.

A past consideration was to take 4% of a person’s salary and put into mutural fund. The public did not like that idea because it is an unsecured fund creating instability for people’s future. With the 2008 market failure and collapse people saw their retirement disappear in a night.

The Mayor of Boston has attacked free speech twice in January 2015.


The Mayor has fired an employee for protesting and has made the public decree to ban all city employees from speaking negatively against the Olympics coming to Boston.

This is an Ethics Dilemma: Just because the Mayor can terminate any person’s employment with the city of Boston, but does it mean he should always use his power. What kind of values does the Mayor hold true to his heart?

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?