February 2015

Sue Prisons for Allowing/Permitting/Enforcing Racism

One thing I've never understood is why NOBODY has ever sued the U.S. Justice System for allowing, permitting, FORCING all inmates to separate into gangs based on race. I know what all the excuses are. It should be outlawed and strictly forbidden. Why do we allow prison wardens--all over this country--to preside over starkly racist social hierarchies?

stop expecting reason from republicans

let's not waste energy bitching about how rotten republicans are: yes, they're creeps, shameless supprters of the privileged and enemies of working people, but we should know that by now: mcconnell and boehner are shameless liar/spinners, given to blaming victims and backing exploiters.


They will a check for a very reasonable fee

Twitter: The Terrorist Network

Twitter is making huge cash supporting terrorists by letting them blog on their network and spreading their message across ths globe. ISIS is so terrible (the NSA with billions can't find them) that we must commit ourselves to a forever war invading the Middle East and spending trillions. Twitter is a terrorist's best friend. Maybe Twitter belongs in the extrajudicial confines of Camp Delta at Guantanamo Bay.

“Close talker?!”: Biden is a creepy lecher.

Move over Mitch McCornhole and his trenchcoat, Biden is equally creepy

war or peace

Well we dont know which war is next we can only guess how long before the next war. Or is this war over yet. We cant solve the worlds problems with guns and war. What can we do? A fatalistic view is promoted by religion, that teaches the world must come to an end. Does it also say man will cause it?

Boehner Confesses: "I Invited Netanyahu Secretly To Stab Obama In The Back And Sabotage Peace Talks"

Addicting Info.org, February 16, 2015


House Speaker John Boehner committed a crime when he invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to speak to a joint session of Congress, and now he is freely admitting that he not only did so behind President Obama's back, he did so to sabotage delicate peace talks with Iran.

Raising the minimum wage has an important unforeseen consequence

Clearly, the compensation received by many many individuals is far less than warranted by the value of the services they perform or the additon they make to the production of goods. The problem is that our systems of law and taxation impedes creation of a full employment society. It is not difficult to understand that when the supply of labor exceeds the demand for that labor, employers are in a position to force down wages and benefits.

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The Washington Post Reveals Cracks in Healthcare

Thom plus logo The sales pitch by so-called "moderate Democrats" and Republicans who take money from the insurance companies is that people "don't want to get kicked off their existing employer-provided health insurance plans." But workers don't make the choice of plans, their employers do.