April 2015

Who Pimps For Sheldon Adelson?

No one, he doesn't need a pimp, his money can buy anything but The Moon. (But maybe someday he'll even own that...)
Thanks to SCOTUS!

Security for Walker and Asshole Lt. Gov. Kleefisch top $2 MILLION for 2014.

For comparison, the prior Gov, Jim Doyle, only charged the state $670k

When Will the Bush/Cheney Face WAR CRIMES Trial- real numbers reach "genocidal dimensions

'A recently published report has revealed that the US invasion and occupation of Iraq was responsible for the deaths of approximately 1 million Iraqis, which is 5 percent of the total population of the country.'

PARITY of physical health and mental health

One issue that Congress has failed on is voting to ensure that mental health is the same and as needed and as deserving of full funding as physical health.

Look at our nation's most recalcitrant problems -- wouldn't improvements in funding mental health care be a great starting point to deal with:

1) both veterans' shocking suicide rates AND the governmental narcissism and sociopathy of our longest war,

5 Things the Works Progress Administration Did You Should Know About

At the height of the Great Depression, Americans desperately needed jobs, and the country’s infrastructure was crumbling. As a solution to both, President Franklin D. Roosevelt created the Works Progress Administration on April 8, 1935.

Lower your blood pressure...go blind

I have a friend who had high blood pressure, as measured by the long-standing metrics of 120/80 that the medical profession was trying to herd everyone in to. My friend's average blood pressure was under 145/90 . She was over 60 but had no other medical problems like diabetes or anything else). Her doctor had her on Hydrochlorothiazide (HCTZ). It did reduce her blood pressure to under 120/80. But the fact that my friend went blind in one eye, all of a sudden...matter of about a couple of days...

Jim Hightower on TPP - "Secret Government is Un-American"

So someone hands you a beer, but instead of it being a recognizable brand, it's in a totally blacked-out can with nothing but the letters "TPP" printed on it.

"You're really gonna like this," says the smiling stranger who handed it to you.

But you naturally hesitate and ask, "Well who made it? What's in it?"

GITMO Detainee Omar Khadr Granted Bail in CANADA

Convicted war criminal Omar Khadr, the Canadian transferred to an Alberta facility after serving time at Guantanamo Bay, has been granted bail.

Shortly after the decision was announced, the federal government said it would appeal the decision made by an Alberta judge.

Is "revolution" an antiquated concept? Unrealistic?

It is impossible to read everything one needs to read in life, so it is refreshing to find someone who can break things down in a way that allows the average person to appreciate complex ideas. One such person is Slavoj Zizek, who gave a talk called "Is It Still Possible To Be A Hegelian Today" which you can view on YouTube. Zizek admits that a lot of the philosophical underpinnings of Hegel's thought are no longer sufficient for modern philosophy.

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America Needs To Move Seniors Out of Poverty and to Stop Choosing Between Food & Medicine

Thom plus logo For decades, progressives have been talking about eliminating the cap on the Social Security tax and raising Social Security benefits enough that retired and disabled people can actually survive.