May 2015

Fox News, or MSNBC

Study by researchers at UCSB shows that as people non-consciously categorize others by political affiliation, they ignore race -- but not age or gender



America's Worst Charities

I have noticed many store clerks asking if I would like to donate to some charity when I pay for my goods. I have heard so much in the news, lately, about how these 4 relatively large something to do with breast cancer and another something to do with a child's dying wish. Who can keep track of them all? Many try to fool you into thinking they are legitimate charities by having a similar sounding name to more trusted and respectable charities.

Banksters Should Be Caned, Hard

Banksters who commit financial fraud should receive corporal punishment in a public spectacle format. A really hard caning on bare buttocks would illict cheers from thousands of justice seeking onlookers. When it comes to dissatisfaction about lenient corporate sentencing, the public is to blame for not articulating what they believe to be a proper response to economic fraud and collusion on a global basis.

People who work for banks and are caught commiting fraud should go to jail for a long time and should be banned from working in finance on any level doing anything at all.

George W. Bush's Most Damaging Achievement

The worst thing that George Bush did —to which people continue to be oblivious of— has been visible from his first appearance in the campaign parade for the republican nomination of its presidential candidate for the 2000 election. Its visibility has grown exponentially... yet it appears that nobody seems to even notice it.

hard thinking

My sense is that one aspect become manifest in the general discourse (speaking from this position) emerges slowly as the evident understanding of common reference points develops into a more variegated series of statement-response types and patterns and a more adaptable and sophisticated mechanism for interpretation emerges as an open set of commonly available axioms.

Chuck Todd...

Ok, I missed today's "Meet the Press". I recall the 1st time Bernie Sanders was on the Meet the Republicans, Chuck Todd tried to bait Bernie into attacking Hillary. When he wouldn't be baited, Chuck was laughing at him before he was even off the stage saying he wasn't a serious candidate. I thought maybe now Bernie has officially announced and is getting more traction he would have Bernie on to debate some Republicans, call him a socialist and not give him a chance to explain since the average viewer probably doesn't know the definition of the wor

Will Facebook let Bernie Sanders continue to be the king of social media in this campaign?

A friend of mine recently asked why she isn't seeing the things I post of Bernie Sanders' in her feed. I was of course quite upset by this revelation. I share his memes, and occasionally articles about him that aren't inflamatory. She has a small friends list, there is no reason why she shouldn't be seeing my posts in her feed, especially the "sponsored" ones that people pay to be seen. She asked why they aren't getting likes or shares. I have often wondered this myself as I have quite a number of friends who Bernie's views rea

Rick Santorum is a Joke at Best and Liar at Worst

I just finished watching NBC's Meet the Press where Bernie Sanders was finally allowed to speak. But also allowed was "Mr. Nobody" Rick Santorum, and I could not help but notice how deliberately he misrepresented Barbara Jordan's position on closing the flood gates to immigration. The implication being, of course, that democrats pick and choose what they want to represent to the American people when it suits THEM.

Life in Our Scared National Security State


Life in Our Scared National Security State

By Murray Polner

Walker & WI GOP engage in money laundering to feed Voucher School scam.

This from the May 28-June 3 2015 edition of the Isthmus newspaper:

“Members of the state Legislature’s budget-writing Joint Finance Committee recently voted to restore the $127 million proposed in Gov. Scott Walker’s budget for K-12 education and add an additional $100 in funding per student for the following year.

The Thom Hartmann Program - Aug 30th 2018

It seems it's all racism, all the time w/the GOP...Neo-Nazi robocall hits Iowa on Molly Tibbett’s murder: “KILL THEM ALL. ” Richard Wolff drops by about the National Debt. Is it a disaster or an OK thing? Also - Trump & The National Enquirer - Is the Economy Here To Serve Us Or Are We Here to Serve the economy?