May 2015


SHUT DOWN those Alberta oil fields NOW. Not only is this Alberta 'tar sands' oil the most polluting fossil fuel on the planet, but the pollution created in its extraction is another ecological disaster on its own. One of the most troubling aspects of this whole process, is the end product is to be shipped to world markets, sold to the highest bidder and ALL the profits from the sale go directly into the pockets of 'Big Multinational Oil companies'.


The Police put more effort into defending their bad behavior than they are refining good behavior.

The same is true of Politicians.

Obama’s withholding the text of the TPP is his own admission of violating the Office of Presidency.

Obama needs to be arrested, or at the very least impeached from office.

PETITION: Obama must disclose text of TPP that he plans on profiting from after office.

This from the patriotic Americans. Unlike the President who pledges allegiance to international corporations who have no special affinity for America excepting for the profits to be had from buying politicians - just one of many business plans they practice throughtout the globe:

Pieces of Shit Clintons demanded $500,000 “honorarium” from a small charity setup to rebuild schools after natural disasters.

Former President Bill Clinton and Petra Nemcova attend the Happy Hearts Fund Gala on June 19, 2014, in New York City.

A Friday report in The New York Times highlights another intriguing Clinton Foundation activity.

TPP - U S Job Killer

A clause in the TPP reserving funds for retraining workers displaced by the enactment of the TPP, is proof positive that the U S Congress members are certain there.will be
U S jobs lost due to TPP.

It's Treasonous to vote for TPP.


People that HATE GOVERMENT hate the fact that Government actually helps PEOPLE they think are not PEOPLE !

They also usually HATE SCIENCE because it stands up as true no matter what they think and believe and it effects everybody the same and sooner or later you have to accept it!

But these people HATE DEMOCRACY most of all because that means ALL THE PEOPLE ARE EQUAL IN VOTING and that includes some people that some think are NOT PEOPLE !

Who might THOSE people be ?

The Rich need the Patriot Act most notably to protect their financial markets against terrorist acts, and to protect against a loss of wealth from a populist up-rising by 99% of Americans.

What?! You don't mean to tell me you honestly think Obama gives a shit if terrorists inflict a big loss of life on the "little people" do you?

It's about money and wealth - period.

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America Needs To Move Seniors Out of Poverty and to Stop Choosing Between Food & Medicine

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