June 2015

ya'll lost :/

"We need to acknowledge that the Confederate states of America was a terrorist state and that the plantations there were concentration camps, that the slave patrollers were the brown and black shirts of that country and when the Confederate states decided to separ

It’s not just South Carolina…. Sign the Petition to ban the display of the Confederate flag on US Government property by civilians, military, or government personnel.

This petition is to ban the display of the Confederate flag (in any form or representation thereof) in or on United States Government buildings, facilities, military installations and equipment e.g. military ships, aircraft, and vehicles. The ban would also encompass the display of afore-mentioned flag or racist symbol on personal clothing, privately owned or leased vehicles, and the dissemination of printed or digital media promoting racism by any civilian, government employee, or military personnel while on US Government property.

“Kimba” The White Lion and the Intellectual Dishonesty of White Americans

Back in the mid 60’s, one of my favorite cartoons was called “Kimba”. I loved Kimba.

Today's Show 6-23-15/Gun Debate

I have tried calling but number is "not accepting mssgs at this time". I disagree with your gun statistics Thom. It seems the data is engineered to fit this political agenda. To be completely unbiased, how many of these gun deaths are from unregistered illegal firearms? Most of these accidental shootings are a result of incompetent Parents that should be held responsible!

Comment: NRA's Despicable Grasp On America

Thank you Bruce, you said what I feel so perceptibly.


Now that Mankind is slated for Extinction, it’s time to drop the Harvard Dirty Energy echo chamber.

Whatever it claims, and there is plenty of dubious, half-truth claims, the echo chamber has not sufficiently addressed the death of our planet.


Native Americans: Sovereign nations or subjugated peoples?

We are told that Native American reservations are actually sovereign nations, but if you look at the way they are designed and administered, calling them sovereign is really stretching the definition of the word. On Thom's show tonight this issue was briefly(very brief) touched upon when the subject was how the US government was taking tribal lands. This is not a new development and has been going on since before the founding of the USA.

Healthcare Subsidies

Subsidizing Healthcare is humane,
Subsidizing Oil is inhumane.

WE ARE the REAL Job Creators

THE right wingers always crow how the left are attacking the job creators, but WE are the REAL job creators. We are the society that give these companies the opportunity. We are the people who create the environment for business. Our taxes pay for the courts that protect their products and litigate grievances. We are the people through our taxes give these companies safe streets, good infrastructure, a well educated civil population. We are the ones , that provide the police that protects the businesses, we are the ones that give these companies the rail , air and road systems.

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America Needs To Move Seniors Out of Poverty and to Stop Choosing Between Food & Medicine

Thom plus logo For decades, progressives have been talking about eliminating the cap on the Social Security tax and raising Social Security benefits enough that retired and disabled people can actually survive.