June 2015

The Charleston Massacre

International pressure should be put on Boeing to relocate from South Carolina unless the treasonous Confederate battle flag is removed from the South Carolina State Capital grounds immediately. They left Washington State to undercut worker’s rights to move to a place where drugged up kooks with guns believe the Civil War is still going on. Would Boeing put a plant in a country that flew the Swastika on their public grounds? The Nazis had a point of view too.


The justification for the confederate flag is based on the honoring of the ancestors of many southerners who fought for the confederacy and lost their lives. Many Germans were conscripted or volunteered to fight for the Nazi's under the banner of the swastika. The German peoples reaction has been to regard the swastika as a symbol of a shameful past. Preserving many concentration camps as museums throughout the country to make sure they never forgot the horrors committed in their name. The history is taught in depth so that they never forget.

Fun with Ron Wyden/Peter DeFazio

Senator Ron Wyden from Oregon is the primary Democrat in the Senate that is pushing the TPP.

Inspection: Another Turner Diaries Inspired Mass Shooting?

Let's be clear. Right now, as of the day I wrote this, there's no proof our shooter at the Charleston church ever read Turner. But Turner Diaries inspired?

My Email to Senator Maria Cantwell

Dear Senator Cantwell,

Please listen to your inner Eleanor and be the champion of the People. Vote against TPA and the TPP.

Senator McConnell has proven to not be worthy of your trust, but the People have.

Your constituent in Shelton,


FastTrack\TPP: Does this mean the Northern half of the KEYSTONE XL Pipeline is to be built?!

inquirying minds need to know.

ps what does one where to their own "extra-ordinary rendition"?

Jeff Dunham arrested for terrorism

At at rally held at the Fox Theater last night Jeff Dunham was arrested for terrorism. He is being held in jail on $100 million cash bond.

A spokeman for the Michigan State police stated.." He is clearly a menace to society. In arab dress, he looked at a member of the opposition group at his rally and said " I KILL YOU ". We have it on tape, I don't even think we need a trial."

Obamanation: Everything about America exceeds a 99%’rs worst expectations.

Obama’s TPP\FastTrack is a slap in the face to the Pope’s environmental message.

Appropriations Committee just passed 3 provisions that gut Net Neutrality.

This from the patriotic American at Fight for the Future:

Bad news: The House Appropriations Committee just voted for 3 provisions that gut Net Neutrality less than a week after the rules finally went into effect.

All of the provisions are poison for Net Neutrality, but the worst would stop the FCC from implementing the rules until after the courts resolve all ten lawsuits that have been filed against the rules. That could mean no Net Neutrality for years, if not a decade.

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?