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August 2015

German getting close to producing 100% of its electricity from renewables

approximately 80 percent of German electricity demand was derived from renewable energy (PV and wind energy). The availability of enormous sunlight and wind made it happen.


Queensland Government calls for renewable energy supply through Ergon Energy

The acquisition will help take care of new projects that have previously been trying to reach a foothold in the system with the inclusion of 2000 MW solar plan for Millmerran.


Open letter to Bernie Sanders

Dear Bernie, My main concern is that I leave your rallies inspired, but I left Obamas rallies inspired.


In case you haven't seen the video , you need to. The video from my understanding is of police responding to a domestic violence call. What ensues , is a white man scurrying around the front entrance of what appears to be his property as police close in. The man after what appears to be a limited attempt to leave the scene, turns to the 2 police officers, the man appears to have no visible weapons and appears to not challenge police physically and stops , stands still and raises his hands indicating surrender.


George W Bush/Cheney just continued the torture program of their predecessor Ronald Reagan , because like Ronald Reagan they knew they'd get away with it.

here's an example in real life of how a black person should handle a cop when being pulled over

Now since 's the black person recorded the conversation and obeyed the officer the officers in trouble not the black person the black person now has a potential lawsuit he could get rich. He didn't have to go jail or get beaten up or shot. The black guy walks away laughing the cop is being reprimanded.


Blackism: Straight From The Horse’s (Monkey’s) Mouth; or “My Black Won’t Rub Off” (Part III, Conclusion)

The Double Standard

A few nights ago, I, unable to sleep, woke up about 0200 and recorded a conversation with myself about the white man’s double standards. Free your mind, and your ass will follow.


White folks are good at “double standards”…love ‘em. They even have triple and quadruple standards.

Problem is, the very essence of a “standard” is that it is unique in its own; it is one, there cannot be two.


THIS Canadian thinks it is time to speak up for the Americans as the most generous and possibly the least-appreciated people in all the earth.

As long as sixty years ago, when I first started to read newspapers, I read of floods on the Yellow River and the Yangtse. Who rushed in with men and money to help? The Americans did.

Blackism: Straight From The Horse’s (Monkey’s) Mouth; or “My Black Won’t Rub Off” (Part II)

(Continued from Part I)

Now, let us bring this imbecile to justice.

Blackism: Straight From The Horse’s (Monkey’s) Mouth; or “My Black Won’t Rub Off” (Part I)

Note: There are three parts to this Op-Ed the third (conclusion) to be posted shortly.

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The One Thing That Scares Donald Trump

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