December 2015


BLACKROCK: Climate change and its risks are going mainstream. What does the raft of new rules to curb carbon emissions mean for investing? How do you reduce climate risk in portfolios? We debated this with colleagues, clients and industry representatives
during a one-day global videoconference in September. Our key conclusions:
} You may or may not believe man-made climate change is real or dismiss the
science behind it. No matter. Climate change risk has arrived as an
investment issue. Governments are setting targets to curb greenhouse gas

The "Texas letter": the movie the “Big Short” is propaganda, it wasn’t the 99% the brought about the collapse of the mortgage industry, but Llyod Blankfein of Goldman Sachs and him alone.

Read “Griftopia” by Matt Taibii, pay particular attention to chapter 3 specifically pages 115 - 119. Lloyd Blankfein was overly aggressive and combative in his collateral calls to AIG. This left the Fed and the Treasury with no alternative:

Avalanche Gunshot. Global Climate Change?

If we all agree a single pistol shot can cause an avalanche how can anyone deny Man's detrimental effect upon our environment?

Thunder happens too.

But don't our Bombs, Factories, & vehicles make Thunder irrelevant?

It's no longer our children. This catastrophe is well in progress, Now.

We don't have the doomed luxury or repeating history with more fascism.

Bernie Sanders; for the World.

Or Bust.

ps: Happy Crash Year.

Night Milk to Combat Insomnia?

Re your Best of the West for the week of 12/28/15, I'm pretty sure that if milk stolen from cows at night calms people down that it was probably meant to calm baby cows down at night. Ironic that your other Best of the West is for people to stop eating meat to help the environment. I highly recommend you and your fans watch "Cowspiracy," available on Netflix.

Dr. Richard Gainer?

On Dec. 24th's Big Picture on RT, you hosted this wonderful oncologist, but at the end, on the screen in large letters read his name with 1946 - 2015. I cannot find anything on his death, can someone help?

WI fast tracking legislation allowing Political Affiliation as well as Criminal History to be acceptable criteria for Civil Service Employment.

Kind of funny that the GOP is writing a law to make it OK to hire a person with a criminal record to work in Government.


THE WASHINGTON POST (12/30/15): The declining fortunes of the middle class are due in part to globalization and technological change, but those phenomena can hardly account for so shattering an upward redistribution of income and wealth. To solve that riddle, we need to look to the fundamental redefinition of the corporate mission that has transformed U.S. business over the past 35 years. Time was when corporations invested their retained earnings in expansion, research,even higher wages.

CROSS Your FINGERS or If It Suits You PRAY

You know Bernie is the only real peoples politician out of the whole lot, including especially the Republicans. Bernie is the only candidate who will not sell out Americans and their country to the corporatists. Right now the truth ,Bernie is Americas only hope at saving their country.

Yes Hillary is definately better than any bought and paid for corporate right wing lackey, but Hillary's politics are not that different from the wishes and intentions of the other dark side.

500 million year old species, the Nautilus, now going extinct.

That’s a creature that has been able to live on this planet for the last half billion years and it is now going extinct. Ocean acidification is making it impossible for it to form its shell and pollution as well as climbing ocean temperatures are turning its habitat into poison.
Hope you’re ready. Try not to resort to cannibalism it will give you the equivalent of “mad cow” disease.

what constitutes a poll?

When Bernie Sanders was given support of over 700,000 Communications workers with a percentage of 87.9% of the votes is this not a poll of huge significance? these likely democratic voters, all working age people. This is a poll to me!!

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Would a Democratic President Wield Power as Ruthlessly as Trump?

Thom plus logo Interestingly, the current divide in the Senate gives us an insight into how powerful a genuinely progressive Democratic president could be, and how much he or she could get done. As we saw yesterday, the Republicans voted repeatedly to participate in a cover-up of Donald Trump's crimes.