January 2016

Obama to sign TPP on Feb 4, 2016

read the book "Dark Money" by Jane Mayer. Things like the TPP is exactly what the book is talking about.

Top TPP negotiator accused of BRIBERY.

This from Fight For The Future:

Just days before world leaders are expected to sign the undemocratic Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a top official in charge of negotiating the agreement has been charged with accepting bribes.

Japan’s economic and fiscal policy minister Akira Amari, one of the TPP’s chief negotiators, has been accused of accepting more than $148,000 in bribes from a major construction company.

Guilty If Charged: Hillary CLINTON to face ESPIONAGE Charges.

Sadly, only in a universe where the rich and political elite have to follow the same laws as the 99%.

But, nonetheless,…she did it, guilty if charged.

Uglier than Walmart

What has Syder personally contibuted to the relief efforts in Flint Michigan? How about ordering the hiring of two PR firms to deal with the fallout on him and his administration. Even Walmart sent water.

The Three Biggest Losers

It's for the Vets goes out Donald's cry! In a pig's eye. Just three slimy politicos hiding behind America's veterans. Pay no attention to the man behind the American flag Dorothy.

Walker\WI GOP fast track bill to facilitate privatization$$$ of State’s Water Utilities to out of State firm.

Bill was authored by ALEC btich Tyler August and more info can be found from the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

Water rates are going to go up.



Thursday, January 28, 2016 Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: Thom Hartmann and America,

Michigan Republican Governor Snyder’s Sleight Of Hand

The self described “Nerd” as Governor Snyder portrays himself is the antithesis of Democracy! Let’s not forget his background as a venture capitalist and head of Gateway Computers where he outsourced jobs to a foreign company, then sold Gateway to a foreign company.

Government Sanctioned MURDER INCORPORATED

In our recent publicly owned Canadian Broadcasting CBC story, Canada's CIA , called CSIS, has been caught repeatedly accessing Canadian citizen tax payer information , without warrants.

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Democratic Debates: Is It Time to Get the Corporate TV Stars off the Stage?

Thom plus logo The democratic debate, operating entirely within the context of corporate TV stars' questions and largely Republican frames, shows once again why a for-profit "news" operation shouldn't be running a presidential debate.