January 2016

2016 Environmental Performance Index (EPI)

Environmental progress has stalled, and some issues have shown troubling declines.
23 percent of countries lack any kind of wastewater treatment. The world's fisheries are in a dire state, with most fish stocks at risk of collapse. Air pollution has worsened and today accounts for 10 percent of all deaths, compared with 2 percent claimed by foul water. More than 3.5 billion people -- half of the world's population -- live in nations with unsafe levels of air pollution.


Flint, Michigan is surrounded by bodies of fresh water.
One would think, that in the face of all the suffering brought on by the lead poisoning of Flints kids, and the contaminated water that was introduced to that town, that one or more of the adjacent counties or states who are surrounded by water as well, would organize shipments of fresh water to the People of Flint, via water trucks and other means.
Sadly, these People are being left to cook, clean, drink and shower with small plastic bottles of water.


Continuing my theme of the 'World Cup Winners of Stupidity' , welcome to the United States of Addiction. America with only '5% of the worlds population, consumes 75% of the worlds prescription drugs.'

When you think of drug addicts you don't think of white suburban house wives with kids , but in America they are everywhere. Of course no one ever said you shouldn't do prescription drugs if the doctors said you could take them. But in America ,doctors are getting filthy rich keeping you sick on drugs.

DEATH$ AND DESTRUCTION$: National Academy of Science publishes study showing that Ocean levels are RISING TWICE AS FAST as forecasted.

Meanwhile crops are failing through Asia due to a bizarre snap of extremely cold temperatures and in one area the first snow seen in 150 yrs.
It is time to issue the corporate death penalty to Koch Industries et.al.
See DemocracyNow.org for more info.

An alternative idea for American healthcare reform (VA for all)

Hi everybody. Below is about 1500 words describing a different way to approach solutions to the healthcare crisis. I would be interested in any comments you may have and any suggestions as to where I could circulate it. I think any way to expand the ideas being discussed can't but have a positive effect. Thanks

The American Health Service: A Proposal

Preparing a plan B

Walker\Ryan\kendricks: “Shake-up” of police department in GOP hot bed of Beloit, WI coincides with shooting death of 5 yo boy.

This brings up a good point. I don’t care if the police chief is democrat or republican so long as (1) it doesn’t effect their performance on the job, and (2) whether or not they are a democrat or republican is used to determine their qualifications for the job.

My condolences to the family. Rest in peace Austin, sorry we let you down.

Bernie and Hill a team?

It may be unprecedented, but what if each are close enough at getting things done where each could work as President = Vice President? Does that sound dumb?

Vote for the best ganster in the Oval Office

Seated in the Oval Office, a "dictactor," "gangster," "fascist," and so on. Which can act out this type of presidency?

Don't they love it to have the President act like in the movies? Comedic relief,

as in what they like in the movies.

James Cagney could do a good job, and his thugs can throw "important" people out of the room and "make sure they comply."

Clinton and The Rockerfeller Initiative

Dear Thom, I am wondering if you are aware of The Rockerfeller Intiative that took place during the Clinton administration from 1993-1996? Government documents from The Clinton Library and the Office of Science and Technology Policy confirm members from both the Clinton and Obama administations are involved. John Podesta has spoken out publicly on this subject. The mainstream media hasn't brought up this topic but there has been extensive coverage from alternative news sites and from foreign countries.

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Can the Presidency Regain Its Integrity After Trump?

Thom plus logo Even those of us old enough to remember have probably forgotten that in the spring of 1979 the Attorney General of the United States appointed a special prosecutor to look into his own president's ownership of his peanut warehouse, to make sure that he wasn't, in any way, making money from his presidency.