January 2016

Hillary responds to DISHONESTY question by basically telling millennial “you don’t know any better.”

Hey Hillary, what ever happened to “no, I’m not.” (that’s right, she didn’t say “no”)

Anyway, the message from Hillary is clear. If she becomes President then any dissatisfaction with her expressed by the Public is a problem with the Public, not Hillary.


Despite all the daily whining of Democratic voters over the repugnant acts and agenda of the GOP, what the Democratic voters REALLY need to worry about is VOTER TURNOUT in the November, 2016 general election. Yes, VOTER TURNOUT. We already know that the GOP's “dirty tricks squad” plans to “electronically flip” the votes in one or more key states, much like they did in the 2004 general election and, more recently, in the KY gubernatorial election. BELIEVE it. THEY WILL BE BACK AT IT AGAIN, people.

Bridge of Spies...really Dulles sabotage of Ike

Anybody out there seen the movie 'Bridge of Spies' ? Read this:

"The Sabotaging of the American Presidency" -- the U-2 debacle

Keywords: G. Powers' 5/1/60 U-2 flight deliberatly dashed Ike's hopes 4 peace

Atlantic Article - Bernie and Reparations Response


Love your show - heard your show on Sunday or Sat discussing the Atlantic Article and the question regarding regarding Senator Sander's reponse. Chris Hayes had the author of the article on and asked the quesiton of why no similar comparison on Hillary - the interview was last week w/ Mr. Coates. Check it out.

Bill & Hillary Clinton’s withholding of the $6 Billion in Earthquake Aide to Haiti motivated by RACISM.


What The Liberal Elites Do Not Understand About Electing Hillary

It is a jungle out here in the real world. Eight more years of "New Democrat" leadership will end in a revolution, with or without Bernie. Unless you are in the trenches - and that word fits - you have no idea how the other half lives. It is beyond imagination and almost beyond words. The politicians and the pundits live in a gentrified bubble. Most Americans feel angry, trapped and hopeless. If we get eight more years of Clintonomics/Reaganomics the dissapointment and frustration will end in turmoil. This will end ugly.

Unions should NOT, and I mean EXTREMELY SHOULD NOT endorse Hillary.

I should not have to explain that statement. Every fiber of her and bill’s being, every minute of their existence, has served to deteriorate labor both here and via the foundation abroad.

She is extremely compromised as a politician and fantastically CORRUPT.

Chuck Todd's question to Bernie on Slave Reparations on Meet the Press

was a only asked to assist the Clinton Campaign and hurt Bernie with African American voters.

Since only only 15% of American's support direct Slave Reparations, the question is a complete trap.

If Bernie says he "supports" Slave Reparations, he is taking a position that 85% of American's do not support and has zero chance of happening... Not a good general election position, no mater what the merits.

Mass Extinction & our Culture of Death and Destruction: Walker and Stepp conduct wildlife killing contest WI.

Our government officials are obligated to be good custodians of our Commons. This isn’t it. Cathy Stepp, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Email:DNRSecretary@Wisconsin.gov:
This from the Endangered Species Coalition:
Dear Governor Walker and Secretary Stepp,
It has come to my attention that a "predator derby" being held the weekend of January 23 and others like it are being conducted in a manner that puts endangered species at unacceptable risk.

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Democratic Debates: Is It Time to Get the Corporate TV Stars off the Stage?

Thom plus logo The democratic debate, operating entirely within the context of corporate TV stars' questions and largely Republican frames, shows once again why a for-profit "news" operation shouldn't be running a presidential debate.