February 2016

Our Military Seems Exempt from ‘Bad Government’ Label

It you listen to the neocons when they talk about ‘bad government’ you might think that the US military was not connected. They talk a tough story about defending the homeland, patriotic service people and American military superiority, while at the same time they moan and groan about how we need more and more for defense. Why would you give more to a broken and wasteful process? Earth to neocons……….the US military is part of the government!

Demonize Trump all you want, I won’t be scared into voting for Hillary.

It is a hollow dream that the solution to the People’s problems will arise from voting or any other form of participation in our highly cancerous form of government.

If it is one thing Obama has illustrated, it is that the rich want the same thing from Republicans as they do from Democrats.

David Duke Urges His Supporters To Volunteer And Vote For Trump

Source: BuzzFeed
February 25, 2016

David Duke, a white nationalist and former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard is urging the listeners of his radio program to volunteer and vote for Donald Trump.

"Voting for these people, voting against Donald Trump at this point is really treason to your heritage," Duke said on the David Duke Radio Program Wednesday, referring to Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

"I'm not saying I endorse everything about Trump, in fact I haven't formerly endorsed him.....But I do endorse his candidacy, and I support voting for him as a strategic action.

Why I believe that Trump can become the next President.

People are so busy laughing at and mocking Donald Trump that theey fail to see his strategy for winning the election in November. For all of our sakes we should stop mocking and take him seriously.

Sandoval: Republican Asshole is vetting a Republican Asshole to complement the remaining Assholes on the mockery known as our Supreme Court.

Brian Sandoval!? But of course! White Old Privileged Men Rule!!!

Things just keep looking up, Up, UP for the 99% here in America!! (rolls eyes)

Why are we taking democracy out of the democratic primary process?

I am a long time fan of the show who vehemently objects to the mime that BOTH Hilary and Bernie would make excellent presidential candidates. It is true that either would be better choices than any Republican candidate, but this posture diminishes the unvarnished competition that we, as Democrats deserve. The time to support the democratic party is during the presidential elections, not the primary. It is almost as if the Hilary campaign has influenced all media to the point that all pro-Bernie media must be mediated by positive comments about her.

The Spirit Of Howard Beale...Are we still MAD as HELL and we're NOT going to TAKE IT ANYMORE????

Re-Watching "Network" on this 2-23-2016. "Network" was made in 1976. (Trump just won Nevada caucus 2016)

Is the spirit of Howard Beale still Out There?


aaahhh, the country needs a soothsayer....who is it? (my bet is on Chauncy Gardener)

anyone? anyone? Buehler?......................................mlk.silenceisnotanoption


Walker and WI GOP bill allows purchasers of debt for collection to simply assert an amount owed without substantiation.

What could possibly go wrong? Yep, there are cases of collection agencies defauding debtors with bogus and nonsensical amounts


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