March 2016

Bernie Supporters, Please Note.

is the zombie apocalypse about teaching us to kill each other and our familes?

all the zombie shows, which are very popluar - have people shooting and killing--mostly indiscriminantly!

while this is entertainment and fantasy -- is it laying a bad foundation for people to consider killing their families and neighbors?

is this a way to dehumanize people?

is this a way to turn off empathy and compassion?

Why is the fear of Trump card being played by the Democratic Party Establishment?

I read Politico's article posted today saying that the Democratic Party elites are gently urging Sanders to drop out of the race. They say that it may do Hillary Clinton damage in being able to beat Trump.

Revolutionary Thinking, Get Your Stones Ready!

This is going to be long, social media Berns… and it hurts.

Just a Follow UP to 'RIck in CANADA' on HARPER for PRESIDENT.

Hell EX Canadain Prime Minister Stephen Harper is looking for work and even belongs to the American based evangelical 'born again' Alliance Church. Politically can't see past the end of his nose. Like all gutless never been in battle war mongers ,LOVES war. Harper sent Canadian fighter jets to Ukraine for Christ sakes, couldn't wait to be asked to send Canadian fighter planes to Iraq to bomb the hell out of someone, anyone, all of which have been recalled by our new young Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.


Talking back in the sixties here, where a working-class type guy could show up for preseason in let's say - not the greatest shape - but figures,"Hey, I'll just play myself into shape so that by like say October I can put on a good show for the fan's"...then in the off-season spend summer's with the family at the lake (maybe invest in like a beer distributorship with a brother-in-law) So yeah, when preseason starts I usually was a little out of shape.


Back in '92 I witnessed (I think) how skillful campaign managers [like Stephanopoulos] got younger voters hopes up about the Clinton, plus ("Wow, we got him!") Gore ticket. Then yeah, Al like hung a framed-photo of planet Earth above the couch in the V-P's office before laying down to take a like 8 year long nap - except when they woke him to go on 'Larry King Live!' to educate that dope, Ross Perot, on how global trade really works.

How Bernie Can Still Win

How Bernie Can Still Win
Davidson Loehr

Elizabeth Warren can arrange an interview during which she casually remarks that it is time for America to redefine the role of Vice President as dynamic rather than ceremonial, transforming our two highest offices into a kind of co-leadership, where a talented Vice President could gain deeper and broader power to pursue his (or her) own specialized agenda -- say, the wholesale economic reform of Wall Street and Big Money interests.

Harper for President


Washington’s battle with Apple over access to iPhone is bogus, Gov’t is able to crack it themselves.

First things first, always remember the billions and billions we spend on modern security and surveillance is first and foremost meant for industrial espionage to benefit the rich and their corporations. You can bet Wall Street makes bahzillions off the information they are given.

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?