March 2016

Respect from one campaign and Not from the other

I'm new here but have been listening to Thom's show for at least a few years now. I discovered Thom's show after I discovered Bernie Sanders through Youtube by watching his speeches on the floor of the senate. After that I started following Bernie more often I found out about "Brunch With Bernie", this is how I discovered Thom's show and have been a loyal listener ever since. I'm not writing this to tell my story though, I have a few grievances that I need to air.

Microsoft Telemetry / spying

Dear Thom,

The link I gave goes directly to the Microsoft website to block update to Windows 10, You probably already have not only many of the telemetry features but also several Gig of conveniently pre-downloaded Windows 10 upgrade files taking up your bandwidth and hard drive space. For a little more background on the topic, go to


The trees are budding in Calgary at this very moment, something that doesn't normally happen until the first week of May. This is very creepy. Nature appears to be resetting its clock.

Two of the Republican Presidential front runners Rubio and Cruz, are adamant everything is normal, even though there is more climate warming CO2 built up in the atmosphere than at any time in human history and despite 2015 being the hottest year in recorded history, as was 2014, 2013 , 2012 and so on.

Changing your Studio Computers to Ubuntu

The easiest way to do this could be to switch to Ubuntu and install a plug-in called WINE which allows Windows based software to run under Ubuntu. This is going to be my next choice as on of our home PC's was just "forced upgraded" to Windows 10.


Decisions Americans make affect Canada and the world.

Worse than I thought

I finally figured out that the emergency communications system "upgrade" requiring ten 350-foot lattice antennas and supporting equipment in addition to the existing antennas in my county that I described in this blog is nationwide.

Man Charged with Assaulting Protester at Trump Rally in North Carolina

Reuters; March 10, 2016

A man is facing criminal charges after police say he assaulted a protester being removed from a rally for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in North Carolina, local television station WRAL reported on Thursday.

John McGraw, 78, of Linden, North Carolina, has been charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct, the news station said on it's website.
The incident on Wednesday night in Fayettville was caught on video by bystanders.

Sheriff's officials could not be immediately reached for comment on Thursday.

Is skepticism of the Democratic Party healthy?

Hey Thom,


Those who enter the United States of America, illegally, have obvious reasons to do so, and I am sure they are valid. Their unfortunate situations drive them to take flight to a better place because of human rights deserved.

Entering the U.S.A. in violation of the United States’ Constitution places all Black citizenry, ideologically, in jeopardy of being thrown back into familiar slavery. When one statute is breached, another may follow. It emulates a wheel attempting to roll with a missing spoke. Soon it will collapse.

One of Hillary's Biggest Whoppers!

"I'm not a natural politician."

Yep, she said it. Just review over her bio and ask yourself if she's that deluded to believe such nonsense, a sly joke on herself, a touch of fawning admiration for her ideal politician, her husband, or a very sad rip on Aretha Franklin's "Natural Woman" only with a heavy emphasis on political self-deprecation.

Funniest line all night delivered by the ultimate prima donna of female politicians that ever participated in American politics.

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Why Do The Wealthy Want to Throw Children Off Food Stamps & Medicaid?

Thom plus logo The Global Wealth Report tells us that the worlds millionaires, composing less than 1% of the worlds population, own more than half the worlds wealth.