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March 2016


Okay, Hillary managed to keep on racking up those important delegates, natching roughly half ....

But who's got the momentum now! Sorry Miss, you're not the bigger prize Bernie won up in Motown!

Oh yeah, the college town guy, he couldn't win in the Rust Belt. Want to roll that by us again?

RECALL; Chris Mattew's, Chuck Todd, Rachael Maddow,

Lawrence O'donnel, Brian William's, Dana Bash, and Andrea Mitchell, Don Lemon, and Steve Kornaki, Anderson Cooper, and Kristen Welker, Van Jone's, katy tur, and that super uncomfortable girl who got stuck following the Sanders Party, LOL, What's her name, Oh ya, Kasie Hunt, "Boy is she uncomfortable", oh ya< so, Kate Snow, and Joy Reid, Tamron Hall, and Willie Geist, Donna Brazille, and also Chris Haye's feel free to add name's ; &nb

Walker\WI GOP\ALEC intentionally plunge quality of Wisc’s roadways to 4th Worst in the Nation in bid to privatize.

And there is a national component to the starve off roadways coming out of Washington. That Jamie Dimon, he never sleeps!

FOX News promoting Ultra Conservative wack-job Ann Bradley for WI State Supreme Court by reporting on her 20+ year old Anti-Gay rants.

The report coincides with coverage of Gov Walker’s Department of Natural Resources permanently closing a nude beach due to alleged “inappropriate behavior.”

I guess the GOP is courting prude voters for Bradley’s campaign to fill an opening on an already Ultra-Bizarre State Supreme Court. Meanwhile there is still no news on what the GOP plan to do about the 30+ year high in Wisconsin’s poverty rate. The message there can only be “we’re poor but we got religion.”

The demise of audio radio and 3g cellphones

Did you know that wireless audio (voice) telephone is ending with the change from low frequency audio 3g to the digitized 4g LTE wireless data streaming networks?

"Deutsche Telekom puts sale of T-Mobile US on hold: sources
Reuters By Peter Maushagen
1 hour ago (11:50a 01 Mar 16 /kj)

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Deutsche Telekom has put the sale of T-Mobile US on hold to deal with an upcoming auction of radio airwaves, giving potential suitors time to wait for a more favorable political environment toward telecoms mergers, two sources said.

Give Thom a break please !!!!!

You can support Bernie and not bash Hillary. It's actually pretty easy to do as time goes on because she's moving toward a more progressive platform. The thing that has really struck me is that the more progressive she gets the more excited and comfortable she becomes. This is a good thing and I feel she's been waiting for it to be okay to be progressive without destroying her political career. Maybe not the stand up guy Bernie, and sure, it's makes her more of a politician but I feel she's becoming the politician she's always wanted to be.

No deference to Hillary Clinton!

While Democrats should support the Party nominee, Bernie Sanders and Thom Hartman are both showing undeserved deference to Hillary Clinton. She shows no regard for Bernie Sanders, whatsoever.


March 8th marks the second anniversary of missing Malaysian Airliner MH370.

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No More Presidential Immunity!

Thom plus logo When Richard Nixon committed multiple Felonies, including accepting bribes in cash in the White House, Jerry Ford chose to pardon him.

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