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March 2016

Hillary's Speaking Fees Totaled Over $21,400,000 from 2013 -2015

Did you know that Hillary Clinton personally made over $21,400,000 in speaking fees at 91 events just between April 2013 and March 2015? Her speaking fees ranged from $100,000 to $400,000 with the average fee being $225,000. The list of speaking events, location, dates and Hillary's fee amounts are at several websites, two of which are:



Take a look! It is astonishing!!

Bernie's needs to push to win for his supporters

Bernie needs to be responsible to his family and supporters. In other words, he needs to fight to win. He is holding the hopes of many in his hands. While Bernie got in front of the people – the need has been growing for some time and the support for change has turned to Trump because they feel the pain and need the right answers – if Bernie wins, many of those answer will come from him. A lot of Trump supporters will vote for Bernie as the future they need.

My disagreement with Thom on two points

First, On the show today, Thom likened the treatment of Bernie and Hillary by the corporate media in the same light, I disagree, 90% of the pundits and so called expert panelists on msnbc and cnn are disturbingly, obviously, in favor of Hillary, and at every step, fevereshly trying to slow any momentum Bernie's movement builds. So unbalanced.

Feminist Majority Fund Endorses Hillary Clinton

Eleanor Smeal was on CSPAN Washington Journal this morning and announced the Feminist Majority Fund (political arm of the Foundation) endorsement of Hillary Clinton.

Rigged: NPR extolling the benefits of Obama’s shellacking Congress forcing the National Parks into Privatization$$$.

To put this in perspective, the National Parks allegedly need $3 billion dollars which is a fraction of the $16 Trillion Wall St bail-out money that was used to pay bankster bonuses.

What TRUMP really stands for

T acky

R acist

U ncouth

M asogynist

P rick

What is the difference between Trump’s University and Hillary scamming the US Taxpayers to fund her Laureate School system?

sorry, i'm not a very compliant member of the herd don't cha know

BTW, Bravo to Melissa Harris-Perry for standing UP for Principle

I was late on the take on this story, but I had really enjoyed Melissa Harris-Perry's MSNBC show. She had a unique voice, a unique perspective that I appreciated. I thought she was a refreshing, honest voice/image in mainstream media.

Bravo to her that as she found herself and her staff being victimized by the status quo and Establishment, she took a stand and just said no to being not just marginalized---no not the point--- she took a stand aginst being CORPORATIZED.

Suck It Peasants!: Luxury Lefty\Ritz Carlton Democrat Extraordinaire Hillary Clinton has driven a car since 1996, it has been ALL limousine Baby!

Hillary Clinton Lies.

She will sign the TPP after she has used it to shake-down special interests for literally HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS most all of which will go to the Clinton Foundation so it doesn't look like a Kick-back.


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