March 2016

don't lose sight of what is really important in the primaries and election

Between Hillary and Sanders there does not appear to be much difference in foreign policy. Sanders believes that Russia is a threat, for example. So its easy for him to say that he voted the right way on the Iraq War and have people forget that what we are witnessing right now is the aftermath of regime change in the Middle East. Only Egypt and Tunisia have come out of the "Arab Spring" with some semblance of the rule of law and civilian life as we speak about it in general. Although of course there have been serious issues.

Obama to stay in Washington after office to be lobbyist for TPP and Health Insurance Industry.

Obama will sell his ability to influence and pass the TPP after he leaves office

Walker & WI GOP debuting, hearing, approving and signing legislation into law literally within a matter of one to three days, sometimes less, and the results are getting bizarre.

"Governing by Impulse" it's all the rage with ALEC these days and it is alive and well in Wisconsin.

For instance, a whole slew of revisions to landlord tenant law meant to pre-empt Madison’s authority to pass laws. I’m not joking when I say if a Landlord accuses a tenant of illegal activity – without any evidence, without any police anything – the landlord can evict the tenant and the tenant will have no-recourse but to leave and the Landlord never has to prove anything, only make the accusation. And it goes on and on like that

How the Possiblity of an Independent Candidacy for Bernie Sanders Would Allow me to Keep my Feminist Principles Intact

I voted for Bernie in the primary in GA on Tuesday. I stopped by to visit with my parents on my way back home, and spoke with my dad about the experience of voting that day for a few minutes. My dad always votes Republican, for as long as I've known him. He is a staunch fiscal conservative, but in terms of abortion and gay marriage and other social issues, he really has no opinion, so long as it doesn't impact his finances.

Wha?! Ben Carson “our political system is rotten to the core on both sides Democrat and Republican”

He’s too smart for politics. No wonder it didn’t work out for him.

Thanks Ben for speaking out, good luck to you.

If Bernie Doesn't Get the Dem Nom, Can/Will he still Run , As the "Independent" He Is?

I hope hope hope, if Bernie "loses" the Dem nom, he runs--even a massive write-in campaign- for POTUS. Too many are hip to this jive, this corruption, this rigged system of the nomination process. Bernie is WINNING the popular vote among "Dems". Super-Delegates, NOT democracy. I've said I'd vote Stein or maybe the T(as a protest vote), but am I missing that Bernie COULD still run for POTUS? Does anyone know the legality or precedent of such an option? Thanks



BBC reporting that establishment ire from Trump stems from his wanting to tear-up Trade Agreements, including the TPP.

The establishment both Democrat and Republican are a bunch of ALEC bitches!

What the BBC is reporting sort of tracks well. (but I’m still not voting for him).

At this point in the election it is pretty obvious which candidates are popular with the Establishment (Hillary, Cruz, and Rubio) or unpopular with the Establishment (Trump and Sanders). And if a candidate is unpopular with the establishment you can bet it is for reasons related to how much profit they could cost Special Interests if they got elected.


Three states, so far, were EXTREMELY close. Iowa was LITERALLY A TIE - determined by the "coin tosses". Nevada had the "deck of cards". Massachusetts, the one state that was so, so close Tuesday, the state with so many delegates, the state that was predicted to be close - had Bill Clinton IN POLLING PLACES that were expected to favor Sanders - AND tying up traffic for so long that some people couldn't stay long enough to vote. ? ? ? ?

Is Mitt Romney going to be the nominee?

Today in Salt Lake City, Mitt Romney is delivering a speech decrying Donald Trump. Has anyone else noticed over the past couple of weeks Mitt Romney has been the subject of some news? I have a theory. Call me crazy, and I'm no political analyst by any means. But the republicans are tripping over themselves since Tuesday trying to concoct a method that will take down Trump (or Drumph, for the John Oliver fans). There has even been talk of a brokered convention. Might the G.O.P.

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Did Trump Commit Treason?

Thom plus logo News reports increasingly are suggesting that Donald Trump has committed treason in making a promise to a foreign leader. The question is, who is the foreign leader and what was the promise?