March 2016

LIAR AND A FAKE: ASK HER: Hillary are you willing to outlaw ALEC and nullify ALL its laws?

So she wants to be a populist? Then Hillary’s first act as President should be issuing ALEC the corporate death penalty and nullifying all laws at the local, State, and Federal level traceable back to ALEC.

After that, she can gut Walmart for the cost of the social safety net they used in subsidizing their work force.

ASK HER PUBLICLY if she is willing to do this.

HILLARY CORRUPTION: Link between Benghazi and Clinton Foundation surfaces.


Judicial Watch Reveals More Benghazi, Clinton Foundation Corruption

This has been an important week in our continuing investigation of Hillary Clinton's time as secretary of state. We are uncovering critical links between her official duties and the private interests of her family's foundation.


PEOPLE GET READY is apparently the title of a new book by John Nichols? And I imagine, in due course, that that author/speaker will be a guest on Thom's show.

Elsewhere on the internet (via The Hartmann Report] a recent article there states, "In the past, rapid increases in greenhouse gases have been associated with mass extinctions." In other words; This time man took something good (i.e., Earth's ecosystem) and is literally killing it.

How God works...#1

First, some history. I decided at age 6 to DO THE RIGHT THING. I had 8 years of nuns and 8 years of didn't take.

God.( not a gray haired old man) is supreme intelligence and supreme love. He does not "hurt" people. HOWEVER...Mother Nature does her thing, and she is pretty in a flood plain and you will die. God can direct Mother Nature. And God's direction is caused by our "prayers".

The importance of voting in November, even if you don't like who is running for POTUS

The wasted vote is the one you don't cast. That's the cost of staying home and not voting.

If you don't vote, you have no right to complain about politics. Even if you write in a vote for Donald Duck or Mickey Mouse; you voted.

The empty recovery, and the man to turn it around: Bernie Sanders

The economic recovery is a sham. The frequently repeated phrase that “tax cuts stimulate the economy” is a hoax. One thing we need is a truly progressive national tax policy and there is only one presidential candidate proposing this: Bernie Sanders. Here’s why.


To confirm you are registered to vote in WA:
If your voter registration is up to date, you can save time and preregister for your caucus at If your registration isn't up to date, don't fret! While you cannot preregister for the caucus, you can fill out a sign in sheet tomorrow (Sat, 3/26) at your caucus location.

Court Battle Abortion

Paying health care for employees reproductive choices sticks in your craw if you entertain the conversation a fetus needs protection from mom wanting to abort. Everything is a conversation.......We are gripped by conversations, they have us by the throat. There is an exact correlation of our life and conversations we entertain, By giving up some bad grippers and adopting new ways of thinking our lives change to correlate our new paradigm.

Turn lemons into lemonage

I've been reflecting on the long lines in Arizona and the effective disenfranchisement of so many voters. It's too late for the voters in Arizona, but going forward we can make it an opportunity whenever we convene in lines at caucuses or primaries.

Always talk to others who are waiting and offer to exchange names, phone numbers, and emails. Carry paper and pen if you're old school like me but get the information on smart phones or other devices if you have them.

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Coronavirus: Many Claim We Can't Afford Medicare-for-all, But, It Appears We Are About To Discover How Costly Our For-Profit Healthcare Is

Thom plus logo The coronavirus is now in the United States, and apparently the infection in California goes beyond just one person, because they can't figure out how that one person got it. Which means lots of people need to get tested, particularly if they have symptoms of a severe cold or flu which could indicate that they have the coronavirus.