March 2016

Trump's Most Effective Marketing is PROGRESSIVE MEDIA

Remomber Henry Ford and the Tin Lizzie? Henry Ford used to pay for songs that mentioned Ford. A song titled "Tin Lizzie", that was derogatory to the Model T, became wildly popular. Ford paid the author. When asked why he paid, he said "There is no such thing as bad advertising".

There is a real problem with the media in America today. Most media is right wing owned corporate media, largely owned by corporations that also make war equipment and RARELY even MENTION the wars we have going on.

Donald Trump Channels Howard Beale

Forty years ago, the movie “Network” created a sensation, eventually winning four Academy Awards. Etched on the American consciousness is the image of the demented lead character, news-anchor Howard Beale, striding to an open window, leaning out into the rain, and shouting, “we’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take this anymore.” Now Donald Trump has brought Howard Beale to life.

Honesty in Running the Country

Dishonesty in the court of Law is a felony, and it is a bad idea to Lie in the creating of


Glass Box

An Empaths Prospective of Political Opinions

Evaluating your value is incredibly lonely and complex (and a necessity for empaths). When you stand in a glass box, it’s fragile. You want to be free from it, but, you also need to be mindful on how it shatters. Broken glass can blind you if you get it in your eyes… I want to talk about what is on top of my glass box.

Struggles in the void

'Repoobies' have a knack for getting us to focus on and argue over trivialities so they can slip their real agenda past us amidst our confusion.

The argument over the science behind climate change, for instance, has always been a null set and our response could better be to ignore them and focus on real issues like recalling corrrupt politicians and holding then to the sacred oath they make to their office. It's time to stay clear; breath evenly and deeply while grounding our dialogue on truthful premises. Let's halt this march towards Babylonia.


I would like to explain what happened yesterday in Maricopa County since I live in Phoenix. Nancy Purcell, the county recorder and a Republican, closed many polling places. She explained she did this because of the high numbers of people voting early and to cut costs. Ms Purcell also explained that a lot of independent voters who had voted in the past for a Democrat in the general election did not change their party affiliation. In Arizona it is possible to be a registered independent and vote for any party in a general election.

Why we need 'free' higher education.

So I had a conservation with a hospital employee the other day. She was working a revolving shift at the local ER reception desk, taking patients names, then moving patients to the triage nurse, then to further processing. A qualified person for the job, she just completed 1.5 years @ a college, and is finishing up her medical degree @ the local Tech College.

She can now afford to move from home ( she is 24 I learned ) and hopes that the Hospital will pick up the additional education costs to become an RN ( so the employer promised).

Hillary’s emails show aides doing Foundation work while on State Department’s time.

To be specific State Department employees were working on how to thank Clinton foundation donors. A mighty slippery slope that surely entitled many a slide$$$.

But no, really, when she is President, she'll spend "some" time performing her obligations to the American People,

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Coronavirus: Many Claim We Can't Afford Medicare-for-all, But, It Appears We Are About To Discover How Costly Our For-Profit Healthcare Is

Thom plus logo The coronavirus is now in the United States, and apparently the infection in California goes beyond just one person, because they can't figure out how that one person got it. Which means lots of people need to get tested, particularly if they have symptoms of a severe cold or flu which could indicate that they have the coronavirus.