April 2016


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Ask Attorney General Lynch to Speed Up the FBI Investigation of Hillary Clinton

The longer the FBI investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of private e-mails takes, the better it is for the Republicans.

If this investigation drags on for months, it could propel Donald J. Trump into the White House, regardless of whether HRC is ultimately indicted or not.

Send an e-mail to Attorney General Loretta Lynch asking her to please do all she can to speed up the FBI investigation of Clinton's e-mails.

Clinton E-Mail Probe Would Be Hurt by a Deadline, Attorney General Lynch Says

Source: Bloomberg.com April 29, 2016

The Justice Department hasn't set a deadline for the investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of private e-mail because doing so would undercut the probe, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said.

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman Sent To Solitary Confinement

Washington Post, April 29, 2016

Former Alabama governor Don E. Siegelman was sent to solitary confinement this week at the Louisiana facility in which he is imprisoned on political corruption charges, according to his son, Joseph Siegelman.

Siegelman, 70, was quoted extensively in a Washington Post article earlier this week on former Virginia governor Robert F. McDonnell, whose 2014 conviction on public corruption charges was reviewed by the Supreme Court on Wednesday.

We Are The Sons & Daughters of Liberty

The state of the progressive movement in America today is the strongest it has been since FDR saved this country from the Great Depression. This is almost entirely due to the independent Senator from Vermont, Bernard “Bernie” Sanders. Bernie has thrust progressive ideals and policies into mainstream American politics and we progressives owe him more gratitude then any of us can possibly express.

Inspection- Trump May Damn Well Win

Who could imagine, despite the shallowness of past campaigns, that even if a lead Republican ran ads nationwide calling himself, "The Mr. Nothing but Brag and Blather Candidate," he might win anyway? He certainly enjoys that kind of ad hominem-based campaigning,and suffers little, to not at all, for it. Indeed it often makes his numbers soar.


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41 YEARS AGO TODAY marks the end period in which NIXON COMMITTED TREASON

41 years ago today in 1975 American helicopters were landing on the roof of the American Embassy in Saigon South Vietnam, desperately trying to evacuate American personal as troops from North Vietnams regulars surrounded the city.

That was 7 years after President Lyndon Johnson had brokered a peace treaty between the Americans and their South Vietnam forces and North Vietnam. Negoiations that would be subverted for the political gains by Richard Nixon.

Vote Your Conscience

Vote Your Conscience

Justice for Dog Shot in Face and Left to Choke to Death (PETITION)

Source: AnimalPetitions.org
April 29, 2016

In a shocking case of animal cruelty, a nearly-dead dog was found chocking and left to die.
The dog was tied to a post by a short leash and choke chain with no room to move without cutting off it's air.

The dog, which was found by a man walking his own dog, was struggling to breathe.
The chocolate lab named Bear, had his mouth taped shut so he could not bark and attract any help.
His eyes were swollen shut from being shot in the face and severely beaten.

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Would a Democratic President Wield Power as Ruthlessly as Trump?

Thom plus logo Interestingly, the current divide in the Senate gives us an insight into how powerful a genuinely progressive Democratic president could be, and how much he or she could get done. As we saw yesterday, the Republicans voted repeatedly to participate in a cover-up of Donald Trump's crimes.