June 2016

United Nations monitoring USA elections

If the UN is supposed to be monitoring USA Elections, We need that NOW more than ever.

2010 and 2014 congressional elections

I have heard on the show that democrats one popular vote in these elections but lost seats.My research shows something different in 2010 republicans had over 5 and half million votes in house and in senate over 3.5 million in the senate than the democratic party. 2014 republicans got 3.5 million more then democratsin the house and 3.5 million more than senate . Did i miss something?

The immigration situation solved. And climate change side fx mitigated.

The solution of immigration and delaying climate bad effects.//

Understanding the enemy of denominational creationist subjectivism, how it is elusive, ..

Understanding the enemy of denominational subjectivism, how it is elusive, and the tunnel vision zionist who tried to censor American Religion. ( this is a blog I shared with Temple of Satan)

Brexit, Nationalism and Democracy

In the 21st

Donald is Handing Out the Cootie-Infested Blankets to Fellow Republicans-- most are taking them

Here comes the big show, the much-anticipated national convention. The coronation of the Emperor Donald. While many Republicans are holding their noses, they have to be there, embrace him and risk getting Trump cooties on them that will last long after he loses the November election. This is social justice at its finest. Those that incubated all of this discontent, those that profited from it, now have to take their dose of medicine from the quack pharmacist, Dr. Don. If they object, he will sock it to them you can be sure.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016 .... Beverly Hills, CA

Attention: Thom Hartmann and America!

BERNIE SANDERS HITS A HOME RUN IN THE N Y TIMES, TODAY! Therefore, I spent an hour of my time typing his entire OP-ED article just so I could share it will all of thee!

New York Times: OP-ED

Wednesday, June 29, 2016, page A23


There are times when in know why i've bought a membership to Thom's podcasts and today was a reminder. If you haven't listened to todays broadcast on Free Speech TV or one of the other many sources, I hope you have your membership so you can go back and listen, because today was one of those crackerjack days Thom was at his best, especially the first hour.

Time for Hillary to Come on the Thom Hartmann Program

A few important questions......

Did I miss her interview? Was I on vacation or something?

Have any of her senior campaign staff from her campaign been on the program? Have they been invited and have they declined? Do they return phone calls or email about the subject?

Maybe we need to mount a campaign to have the former Secty of State on the program and explain how important our vote is and how she plans to earn it.

I am waiting.

I'm patient. I waited for her to start to shun the TPP.....she has gotten part way there.

Is anyone else waiting?

NOTHING CHANGES until America gets the TRUTH

I am always railing at how stupid the American electorate is, but the truth is Americans only know what they have been taught, which for the most part has been lies orchestrated by the establishment owned corporate media, that controls over 90% of all the information Americans read, see or hear daily. Information of half truths, mistruths, outright lies and lies of omission or just fluff. Information deliberately tailored to support the agenda of the establishment ruling class one percent, that control 90 per cent of Americas wealth..

Trump: His "Very Fine People," & The Killer in New Zealand are Connected

Thom plus logo Trump is claiming that renegade cops and skinhead bikers will back him up (as sheriffs are doing now, refusing to enforce new gun background check requirements). The white nationalist terrorist in New Zealand thanks Trump for giving him and his ilk "a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose."