July 2016

Do you think we can skip the "Blood of Patriots and Tyrants" this time around?

Thomas Jefferson said: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

I suggest everyone concerned might want to consider a less destructive approach: “The tree of liberty requires some serious investments from time to time financed by taxes on those among us with the means to pay for those investments, and we should only take up this “blood of patriots and tyrants” bit as a last resort.”

Down Ballott

Support Medicare and Social Security. Every Repblican incumbent in Congress has voted many times to convefrt Medicare into a voucher system and most would cut social Security benefits. Most voteres are not aware of it.

When you meet a voter, this is an icebreaker.



Why White Trash Americans are Flocking To Donald Trump

White voters without a college degree have favored Republicans for some time — they voted for Mitt Romney by 18 points in 2012 — but they love Donald Trump. In an average of six polls this month, he is beating Clinton by a margin of 58 to 30 among these voters. The massive swing of white working-class voters, who made up 44 percent of the electorate in 2012, could more than cancel out her strengths among minorities and the college-educated.


Status Quo

Things have never been better for corporations and their CEOs.. They have more money in reserve than they ever had. Why shouldn’t they use their power and influence to make sure things stay the way they are? This means for working people: contract and “consultant” work instead of collective bargaining, no defined pensions and 401ks dependent on the whimseys of the stock market, widening wealth gap, crushing student and consumer debt, mortgages with little or no equity, inflation, etc.. International corporations set up in China could care less about U.S.

No TPP: Trump Pence Presidency

The Trump slippery slope might be roadblocked by more prevailing minds. The Electoral College might prove the Founding Fathers correct in their profound vision of human nature and establishing an assessing process to our election to the highest office.

Daily Topics - Friday July 29th, 2016

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150 million Americans feel the power of Harmonic Resonance

In the year 2000, polls showed that 85% of Americans wanted campaign finance reform. Since then our "Supreme Court" has ruled that corporations are people and money is their speech. Today I'm guessing that 94% would strongly prefer a reform that scraps what we have now in favor of: a U.S. citizen can donate no more that $2000 to a Presidential campaign, $1500 to a U.S. senator's campaign and no more than $1000 to a U.S.

Hillary - Give Bernie One Debate Against Trump for Solidarity

Hillary will make Trump look foolish during the debates in the coming months.

With that said, as a Bernie supporter I would love to see Bernie Sanders as a sit-in for Clinton for one debate against Trump. Yes, I understand it would be unprecedented, but I think to have five out of the eleven platform committee members representing Bernie in creating the current Democratic platform is also unprecedented for someone who lost a primary. His influence has been undeniably vast.

In 1952, Woody Guthrie wrote a song about Trump's father, Fred Trump

It seems to be called either "Beach Haven Race Hate" or "Beach Haven ain't my home." Apparently, Guthrie sign a least with Fred's company and later found out the building was restricted against African-Americans. It refers to "old man Trump" in its chorus. It an interesting bit of trivia. Several folks singers have posted versions of it on YouTube.

Should we return to the Democratic Party my grandfather help Humphrey break?

My mother's father was an upper crust Bostonian, one term congressman, mayor of Cambridge, MA, a very powerful and influential lawyer in Boston and a relatively important backroom player in Massachusetts Democratic politics. He also suffered from COPD, which may explain why he seemed to be, in my humble opinion, a total SOB. My dad died on a detox when I was 12 and I grow up mainly in working class factory towns outside New York City. Every year for 2 weeks in summer, we would go visit. I came to loathe that snotty upper crust scene.

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