July 2016

Ten Direct Questions for White Americans

For almost two years, I have sought to confront white Americans with their denial and hypocrisy in matters historic, domestic and international (Black folks, too). The purpose of my doing so was an attempt to see if they could see the patterns of their conduct. I have tried to do so through different modalities but, quite typically, the denial and hypocrisy continues; the really smart ones resort to deflection. That might work on someone else…and it clearly does on many.

Along with rising the minimum wage, can we stop the nightmare of flex hours?

I was at my local dollar store the other day and said something to a couple of the workers at the register like I am sorry if this place exploits its workers, but it's a godsend to folks like me retired on less than $1000 a month. This lead to some comments about raising the minimum wage and I said I thought that limiting or outlawing flex hours would be an almost more important.

Gun Access Control

Thom I have been wanting to tell you this for a while. I think we need to use the term "gun access control" not gun control because it takes away their "Obama is coming for our guns" argument.

Small point but the trolls on my FB don't know how to respond when I use that term.

Great show. I learn a lot from you.


It's Now Time For Discussion Of Party Ideology

Trump takes a governor who is really only known nationally by his "Religious Freedom" anti-gay legislation signed and passed in Indiana, and then he says "that's my guy".

If we are truly honest with ourselves, we have to admit that these two serious presidential candidates are enormously flawed. No matter who you support, I hope you can be at least acknowledge that both Clinton and Trump have acted or spoken in ways that are nearly or truly indefensible.

Pence signed bill to prevent aborting malformed fetuses....

Pence pushed a bill in Indiana to prevent women from aborting fetuses because of birth defects....guess he'd need to if he's pushing smoking

The Nordic Theory of Everything by Anu Partanen

Partanen takes the Nordic understanding of freedom and individuality and explains how backward and unfree the US appears. No nanny state these Nordics - rather they see government as an agent to free them in their relationships by taking care of the normal burdens of human life. Brilliant! This book could be used to create a message for democrats that wins over republicans. The Nordic theory of love is a new paradigm for modern society. Please have her on your show!

The GREATEST THEFT of TAX money in the HISTORY of the WORLD

Quote blogger Queenbeethatsme

"We are broke and as a country on the way to being broken. BERNIE promised a lot impossible to deliver."

Queenbee if Americas cash broke its the Republicans that did it and it was done deliberately , the greatest cash give away in the history of the world to private sector corporations. The intent was as Reagan put it, "starve the beast" , the beast of course in his eyes being our own government, the one we get to participate in. The idea break the public bank and all social programs could not be funded.

Virginia Woolf's Three Guineas in our modern times

In 1938 Woolf wrote a 285 page essay on the links between sexism, classism, and war.

The "Talk"

Not only have black men been given the "talk" by their parents, but also black women. We were told in no way to ever, ever be caught or never, never be in the position where it is only you and a white man or men. It will not end good for you and no recourse will ever be possible. That's the way it was then and that's the way it is now.


I just heard a startling report today about the meeting that happened between public officials and police officers, just last night. I don't understand how the media and the rulers of this land can say that police are not adequately supported.

The Thom Hartmann Program - Aug 30th 2018

It seems it's all racism, all the time w/the GOP...Neo-Nazi robocall hits Iowa on Molly Tibbett’s murder: “KILL THEM ALL. ” Richard Wolff drops by about the National Debt. Is it a disaster or an OK thing? Also - Trump & The National Enquirer - Is the Economy Here To Serve Us Or Are We Here to Serve the economy?