October 2016


The 80 year Koch brothers announced at the start of the 2016 election cycle, they were prepared to spend in excess of a 1000 million dollars to turn the tide of the election to favor the republican party who are the well paid foot soldiers of the rich and the privileged.

Standing Rock

The mainstream media knows that the construction of the oil pipeline is wrong or the standoff would be Broadcasted for the high ratings.

AP is reporting the property is privately owned by oil
Which is also wrong.

Daily Topics - Thursday October 27th, 2016

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Has Julian Assange gone missing/"gone missing"?

Has Julian Assange gone missing/"gone missing"?


...'world deafened by his silence'

"media" largely silent

HEALTH CARE for ALL since 1967

You know what the health care premiums cost in Canada under our government run single payer health care. ZERO, nothing, nada. AND everybody from birth to death is covered. Whats more its been that way since 1967. NO ONE in Canada dies or suffers because they have no health care. Being government the cost to operate this health care must be SKY HIGH, wrong , the actual operating cost is 6 cents of every dollar, the rest goes to make the sick well and comfort the dying.

Medicare for all over the age 55 and any person with health maintenance cost over $500 monthly...

The Affordable Care Act otherwise known as Obama-care is in the news because premiums are rising.

Yes, finally sick people are going to doctors and getting treated and health insurance companies are paying claims.


SpeakTruthToPower quote "I just heard a caller talking about how the Koch brothers are having textbooks rewritten to erase ideas like the New Deal from history"

It's even worse than what you've described, the Koch brothers for their millions in donations to Florida State University, are demanding that a condition of those donations, they the Koch brother get to design the university cirriculum and have say on hiring and firing of university professors.

Florida Prop one and global warming

Rather strange that a state that is barely above sea level would continue burning fossil fuels in preference to creating renewables. Typical Republican solution damn the problem; Money matters, peoples lives and property do not.

Daily Topics - Wednesday October 26th, 2016

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just watched CNN this Morning

Just watched CNN this morning and i noticed the whole morning was paid for by big pharma. Commercial after commercial told me how my life would better with prescription drugs. These ads must be effective because interesting to note that the US consumes a staggering 80% of the worlds pain pills, drugs that cause the death of an American every 19 minutes.

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What Do Democrats Really Want?

Thom plus logo Thomas Friedman, the confused billionaire, told us decades ago that "free trade" is what made the Lexus a successful product when, in fact, it was decades of Japanese government subsidies and explicit tariffs that did so.