November 2016

9 states voted on legalizing pot. 8 won

Ongoing Election Results

Here’s a news site from New Orleans that is doing live tracking of the various marijuana-related votes.

Track marijuana referendum results: 9 states vote on legalizing pot

Medical Marijuana Victories Turn The Tide

Moving to CANADA?

Better hurry we're building our own wall, to keep you out.

Moving to CANADA YET

WTF America ,you really are the stupidest f**king electorate in the world. America you're really really scary.

Say goodbye to everything you hold important. Goodbye Obamacare for 20 million citizens. Say hello to pre existing disease disqualification.

For you seniors, kiss your pensions goodbye, say hello to vouchers and when they run out, say hello to living in a cardboard box under a bridge, being beaten up by your police.

Daily Topics - Wednesday November 9th, 2016

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It Happened

White, racist America decided to hand our first Black President the ultimate humiliation. Force him to hand the keys over to an unqualified misogynistic bigoted whiny man-baby.
To think I was stupid enough to believe it couldn't happen.


So what went wrong?

I’ve always called Republicans “pots calling the kettles black”. They routinely accuse Democrats and Obama of being the exact way they are, and doing exactly what they’re doing, and do it often. Donald Trump was the biggest case of it all. The ultimate case of projection. Everything he accused Clinton of being or doing was really true about him, i.e. liar, corrupt, crooked, unstable, angry. It was so true that it was like a predictor of his behavior. My wife once commented that it was like he was confessing whenever he talked about Clinton.


I am very upset at the results of tonight's so called election. I for one do not trust the results of this election. There has been millions upon millions of legitimate Democratic voters who have been denied their right to vote.

Polling location Brickerville PA

Hi, Thom, I voted for the complete Democratic ticket here in PA at the Elizabeth Twp municipal building. As I was waiting in line, this guy came out of the polling location carrying these two flags and yelling "Hillary for Jail!!" He then stationed himself in top of his van with all sorts of Trump signs on it and was waving his flags for at least an hour. This was still on the Twp building property. Is he permitted to do this on public property which is located directly across the street from the building. Just curious.

Unified field theory explained, it's all in your head.

Life itself is a reflection of the infinite hands of time, but culture and society are hypothetical, man made approximations. We have founded our entire world upon mere thought, without seeing how this is truely influencing the earth and future generations. Full spectrum consciousness isn't possible in our fragmented existence, life itself seems to be a punishment, bound by linear time, rather than truth and the individual’s current phase in life.

Shifting the scales at the ballets.

What if our third parties, who represent the freedom and innocence of cannabis users, began the election cycle with each person robbed of their vote from related criminal offenses already in their pocket? The government should know how many they have locked away, and it's safe to say they would be in favor of freedom and liberty. Depriving them of a vote is the modern equivalent to cutting out a person's tonuge, leaving them speechless.

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