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November 2016

Electoral Truth and Consequences

Elections have consequences, profound consequences. Those who govern often indirectly determine who lives or dies through decisions involving; military engagements and war, the availability and quality of healthcare, environmental protections that affect the amounts and types of poisons introduced into our air, waters, lands, foods and bodies.

Daily Topics - Thursday November 17th, 2016

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Trump transition team announces five-year lobbying ban for appointees

Looks like Trump/Pence are getting off to a great start.

"Trump communications director Jason Miller and Republican National Committee spokesman Sean Spicer announced anyone being vetted for a high post in the administration must provide a termination of lobbying form if they are a registered lobbyist.
In addition, when officials leave the government, they will be banned from being a lobbyist for five years as part of the agreement to serve in Trump's administration."

Edmund Burke and the Electoral College

Oxford Dictionary editors have chosen the 2016 Word of the Year; post-truth. The word is brilliantly illustrated in a keenly insightful description of the American People by a Norwegian diplomat several years ago; "Americans are the most entertained and least informed people on earth". For those confused by the recent election, that idea can be useful......for this election was the show we wanted to watch.....

Democrats must, finally, counter the GOP's "media machines", if we ever hope to get our message out

Until Democrats finally wake up and fully acknowledge the dastardly impact and consequences of not having their own network channel to “counter” the never-ending parade of absolute lies and dis-information that FOX (so-called) News has “excreted” for the last 20 years or so, the reality is, that the “typical”, time-constrained, politically-uninformed and/or low-information voters, within America’s “99%” (who CONTINUE to suckered into voting for the GOP), will NEVER be able to hear ANY semblance of “po

Daily Topics - Wednesday November 16th, 2016

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Why is CROSS CHECK not being investigated?

With over one million purged it seems millions ought to be contacting their reps and insisting this be investigated.


This is not WHINING but insisting that our elections be clean

CONSPIRACY TREACHERY and COVERUP by the Republican Party

Osama was being protected by the previous Bush regime, because he was the son of a Bush old family friend the Bin Laden's. The Bush / Bin Laden family friendship had dated back more than 30 years, when it was the Bin Laden family who lent George W Bush his start up oil money, to the tune of 28 million dollars, a princely sum in the mid 1970's. This protection bore out by George W Bush's tepid interest in bringing Osama to justice for 911. George W Bush quote just months after 911, "I don’t know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don’t care.


As it stands now we are one state away from Republicans rewriting the US Constitution. It takes a 34 State majority for the party in control of the government to have the powers laid out in the Constitution itself, to rewrite the Constitution. Republicans now control 33 states in the Union. In other words Republicans are one state away from controlling the union, and rewriting the US Constitution.

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