November 2016

Daily Topics - Tuesday November 15th, 2016

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The most important elections start in less than 60 days.

Local government and school board elections will be coming up and many of them have their roots starting next month. We have a system with gerrymander districts that create safe zones, and we have large pots of money. For example in Wisconsin Democratic candidates in the Senate and Asssembly have over 1.5 million dollars. source So my idea is simple lets use 25% of remaining funds to fill those local seats with democrats. This could be duplicated throughout the US of A.

"so what did you do to be an activist today"

Dear progressives

I am, like everyone, in obvious shock and dismay about the election results but that is not what I’m writing about.

The failure of the progressive movement in this election comes down to one thing. Participation. We have proven that we are the majority in this country yet we continually lose to a smaller, more vocal percentage of the population.

Stealing and Seizing The Future

How many elections must be stolen from the American people before they understand the true costs and consequences?

credit to: Bin Laden Won from the Grave on November 8, 2016

An excellent article on something many of Thom's fans know but don't reflect on often.

And credit to Doug Porter, an author for everyone, whom I follow as a San Diegan.

Daily Topics - Monday November 14th, 2016

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HALF the world SPECIES that EXISTED when i was born have become EXTINCT

Half the world species that existed when i was born have become extinct because of man and that's about to accelerate. Donald Trump 'climate denier' is just one of a slew of the new right wing extremists about to take over governments of our planet. As usual the mass population follow these rabid f^<ks, like lemmings jumping off cliffs.

Inspection- An Open Letter to Trumpsters

Dear Trumpsters,


Donald Trump has chosen Steve Bannon and Ryan Priebus for staff positions.
Reince Priebus chosen as chief of staff while Steve Bannon has been chosen as chief strategist and senior counselor.
Bannon is a known white supremacist. Manager at the Breitbart News Network. A racist nazi website and a white nationalist haven.
Reince Priebus is a right-wing demagogue.
Kiss social programs goodbye, kiss America goodbye.
He did this on a Sunday so that none of us would notice. Stop the end of America as we know it.

Why popular votes do not matter? Who protects Ellectorial College System?

Americans seem go with whatever politicians feed them. "A system is rigged" idea was quite popular before the elections, but is it going to be fixed? Yes, we all got voting stickers. But in the reality do our votes matter? Popular votes seams have been counted just for fun. We wouldn't have Mr. Bush and Iraq war, if accordingly to popular votes Al Gore be elected. We would have Hillary as a president back in 2012 and now, 2016. Why nobody looks into a century old Electoral College voting system? Is it protecting slave states as centuries ago or helps to ignore our votes?

The Thom Hartmann Program - Aug 30th 2018

It seems it's all racism, all the time w/the GOP...Neo-Nazi robocall hits Iowa on Molly Tibbett’s murder: “KILL THEM ALL. ” Richard Wolff drops by about the National Debt. Is it a disaster or an OK thing? Also - Trump & The National Enquirer - Is the Economy Here To Serve Us Or Are We Here to Serve the economy?