November 2016

DAPL; cops; infrastructure


If the pipeline HAS to be built, build it where it was originally supposed to go. The sovereign nations of the native americans are not a dumping ground. Obama can delay this and then Trump can fix it.


A few days ago another assassination occured, only this time an officer of the peace was slain. Civil society cannot, and will not, endorse assassinations.

A jobs program to defeat Trump

Donald Trump offered a solution to the problem of not enough good jobs, and Hillary Clinton did not. That is the core of what happened. Democrats need to offer a better solution than Trump, and then they will take the Presidency and the Congress. Sure, he stirred up racism, sexism, xenophobia and other bigotry, but progressives are not goi


If President Trump Does NOT Pursue his Campaign Promises, Why should we believe anything else he says.


It was none other than Richard Nixon who on November 03 1969 went on TV and radio to call on the 'silent majority' "for national solidarity on the Vietnam War effort and to gather support for his policies; his call for support is an attempt to blunt the renewed strength of the antiwar movement." This was the same Richard Nixon that almost to the day a year earlier, had committed treason against his own country by subverting then President Johnson's attempts to make peace with Vietnamese.

America said, What have I got to lose?

The election is over. Mainstream America has spoken. Now, are you on the left going to do what you demanded of the Republicans in 2004 and 2008? Cooperate, support, negotiate in good faith, and work with Trump and try to move him in your direction? I suspect not. I understand grieving, but so far all I have heard from the left wing radio and TV talkies is, we have to block his every move, obstruct every piece of legislation, screech he is not my president. Encouraging protest violence appears to be accepted. Recount, recount we demand a recount.




Trump said blacks had nothing to lose.

So see what happens when we stop spending our dollars this Xmas holiday in protest of the Trump presidency. This is just one group. We need ALL people to protest this fraudulent presidency across the nation.

Turn holiday gifts into donations to progressive organizations

Instead of a gift give to a progresswive orgnanization in the name of the receiver.

USA Unification

A Good way to unify the US citizens is with Low cost Healthcare and a lot of high paying jobs.

The Northeast of the US needs unlimited amounts of infrastructure construction.

Taking Amtrk is taking a Huge Gamble with your Life.

Standing Rock

If possible, the water protectors should get on Sioux Property to have all Legal rights possible for defense in Court.

The authorities are taking advantage of tresspassing.

Time for another stock market crash

A brief history of recent stock market crashes under Republican administrations: Reagan/Bush1: Biggest stock market crash since 1930; GWBush: Biggest stock market crash since 1930.

And now we have another Republican administration, this time led by an impulsive, racist ignoramus. Does anyone out there doubt the future of the stock market?

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Impeachment: The Difference Between Nixon & Trump

Thom plus logo There is a very simple reason why some Republicans participated in the impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon, but none have so far broken ranks against Trump. That reason is the US Supreme Court.